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Network Traffic Analysis Reports

NetFlow Analyzer provides a rich set of pre-built bandwidth reports that provide in-depth bandwidth usage statistics and let you drill down to see more details about a particular host, application, or conversation that caused a bottleneck. The reporting is done based on NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX and more. Apart from an instant view of which link is currently congested, NetFlow Analyzer also lets you monitor bandwidth usage trends over varying periods of time and make critical decisions on capacity planning and enforcing security policies.

Traffic Usage Reports

NetFlow analyzer does reporting on current, average, and peak traffic usage patterns for an interface. Get instant visibility into how much of available bandwidth was used up by the specific interface. This helps to monitor bandwidth in an efficient way.

Historical Reports

View daily, weekly, and monthly traffic reports on bandwidth usage. Observe usage trends across hosts, applications, and time periods. You can monitor bandwidth usage for any time in the past.

Traffic Profiling

View NetFlow analyzer reports on top applications, top hosts, and top conversations over different time periods and drill down for more details. Observe at one glance, who is using up maximum bandwidth and for what.

Traffic graph

Custom Reports

View traffic details for a specific host, application, or conversation. Correlate information to see who used up bandwidth, when was it used, for what application, and for how long.

Subnet and IP-range based Reports

View traffic reports across a specific subnet, or a range of IP addresses. Observe bandwidth usage per network or subnet, and determine peak usage times and typical usage trends across a group of users.

Interface Reports

View overall bandwidth usage summaries for each interface, across different time periods. Determine interface utilization statistics during peak hours, and resolve network bottlenecks easily.

Host-based graph

Resolvable Host Addresses

All traffic reports include resolvable source and destination IP addresses to instantly view bandwidth statistics from or to a website or a host.

Variable Displays

View traffic graphs in terms of volume of traffic (Kb), traffic rate (bps), or as a percentage of link utilization.

Exporting Reports

You can not oly monitor bandwidth, but export graphs and reports as PDF files and save them.

Application-based graph

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NetFlow Analyzer is a NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (and more) collector and analyzing engine integrated together. NetFlow analyzer is a software (for windows and linux), does not require any hardware probes, which can be downloaded, used in your network environment and can be evaluated for 30 days. Go through the following useful links for better understanding of how NetFlow Analyzer can help you in understanding your network traffic and bandwidth utilization.

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