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NetFlow Monitoring

"It does an excellent job of accumulating our data flows so I can acurately research problems in the WAN/LAN. Since It only keeps the headers it is very efficient regarding storage. The the groups work well to help fine tune Application performance."

Dan Caluori,
Teknor Apex

NetFlow Analyzer is a NetFlow monitoring tool which collects NetFlow packets or other supported flows exported from enterprise routers and switches, generating network traffic reports that help understand the nature of the network traffic and the bandwidth utilization, thus helpful in traffic analysis and bandwidth monitoring. NetFlow monitoring achieves a new level when a solution such as ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is aligned to Cisco technologies such as NetFlow, NBAR and CBQoS.

Apart from the NetFlow data analysis and reporting, NetFlow Analyzer includes a lot of enterprise features that are useful in monitoring and reporting on the NetFlow data that is exported from several devices. These features offer a lot of benefits to enterprises as well as service providers.

NetFlow Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Monitor Features

Faster troubleshooting

NetFlow monitoring software is not only about monitoring the network traffic but also a tool to help network administrators to troubleshoot faster. The ability to drill down the interfaces and the seeing the traffic, application, source, destination, conversation etc, helps a network administrator to gain an indepth visibility into the network traffic. More use cases on troubleshooting.

"It provides me with a near real time view of what is happening on our network and it greatly assists in diagnosing network issues"

Stuart Kett,
SBS Bank

Validating QoS policies

Setting QoS policies has become a norm in the exterprises to optimize the bandwidth utilized by specific applications. NetFlow Analyzer helps in monitoring and fine tuning those policies in the routers to obtain better reasults. For more detailed explanation of the QoS policy validation.

Scheduled reports

Automation is the buzz word in the industry. Generation of daily, weekly, monthly reports are very much possible with NetFlow Analyzer. NetFlow monitoring comes with an edge when a network administrator has a tool that not only monitors NetFlow but gives the ability to "outsource" the mundane tasks such as periodic report generation to a tool. For more details on scheduled reports.

Alert profiles

Alert profiles makes network monitoring using NetFlow easier. Now there is no need for network administrator to be looking at the screen once in 5 minutes to see whether any interface is being utilized more than what it ought to be. "Alert profiles" in netflow analyzer lets the network administrator set alerts based on threshold violations and the alerts can be configured as SNMP traps or email alerts.

IP Grouping

Monitor departmental, intranet or application traffic exclusively using IP groups. You can create IP groups based on IP addresses and/or a combination of port and protocol. IP grouping is useful in tracking departmental bandwidth utilization, calculating bandwidth costs, and ensuring appropriate usage of network bandwidth. IP groups help in NetFlow monitoring by grouping a set of IP addresses as one entity and thus providing details such as traffic IN & OUT, applications, souce, destination, conversation etc. Bandwidth reports can be created and exported as CSV and PDF. These bandwidth reports can also be mailed to anyone. You can also monitor Netflow traffic from site to site.

Application Mapping

Monitoring applications using NetFlow has never been easier. NetFlow Analyzer lets you define applications shown in bandwidth reports. Most enterprise applications such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, MSSQL, etc. are already supported, and you can add custom applications to the list of applications recognized. As a result, viewing bandwidth usage for applications specific to your enterprise is no longer a complex task.

Device Grouping

Categorize routers and switches exporting NetFlow or other supported flows, into groups and monitors them exclusively. This feature is especially useful to service providers, who need to manage multiple networks as a single entity. User oriented fetures like these gives NetFlow Analyzer when it comes to NetFlow monitoring and traffic analysis of larger networks.

Role based access

NetFlow Analyzer lets you create any number of users depending on your own access permissions. This is especially useful for NOC and MSP administrators who need to provide customers with bandwidth usage reports and usage trends for their specific networks. Different roles such as administrator, guest and operator can be created, ensuring that NetFlow monitoring is done on a role based access.

Flexible Licensing

NetFlow Analyzer licensing allows you to decide which NetFlow devices you want to manage at any time. Such flexibility allows you to off-load the system during device maintenance periods, and use your license effectively for NetFlow monitoring.

On the overall, NetFlow Analyzer provides a host of features that make managing NetFlow devices and monitoring NetFlow data a lot less complicated.

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NetFlow Analyzer is a NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (and more) collector and analyzing engine integrated together. NetFlow analyzer does not require any hardware probes and can be downloaded, used in your network environment and can be evaluated for 30 days. Go through the following useful links for better understanding of how NetFlow Analyzer can help you in understanding your network traffic and bandwidth utilization.

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