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Network Bandwidth Monitor

Monitor Bandwidth

"NetFlow Analyzer has helped us reduce the time taken to isolate and contain threats like worms and virus attacks. It has also helped us to solve network incidents faster, and do better capacity planning."

Fred Hassard, Sr. Network Engineer, Adventist Health

Network bandwidth monitoring is one of the most critical activities of an enterprise network administrator. NetFlow Analyzer is a bandwidth monitor that provides several instant reports to monitor bandwidth including top talkers, top protocols, top conversations, and more. The reports can be exported as pdf, csv, or can even be mailed to you. Apart from these pre-defined bandwidth reports, NetFlow Analyzer bandwidth monitor also includes options to search for specific bandwidth usage details based on IP address, host name, protocol, and more.

Threshold Based Alerting

NetFlow Analyzer Bandwidth Monitor allows you to set thresholds for the bandwidth utilization, get alerts and emails when the threshold value is exceeded. This helps in quicker understanding of the problem in the network and hence quicker action.

Bandwidth Monitoring without Probes

NetFlow Analyzer does network bandwidth monitoring using NetFlow. NetFlow exports are collected, correlated, and analyzed by the bandwidth monitor to get granular details to monitor bandwidth usage across each WAN link. There is no need for hardware probes to monitor bandwidth usage. NetFlow Analyzer bandwidth monitor is an all software solution which is suitable for both Windows and Linux.

Monitor Bandwidth Report
Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring

Bandwidth monitoring reports for each interface shows the current, average, and peak bandwidth usage patterns across each NetFlow-enabled interface. With these bandwidth usage statistics you can get instant visibility into how much bandwidth was used up by hosts, applications, and conversations across a specific interfaces. The NetFlow Analyzer is a great bandwidth monitor to get real time data about bandwidth being used.

Monitor Bandwidth Trend
Historical Bandwidth Usage Trends

The NetFlow Analyzer bandwidth monitor allows you to view the bandwidth usage over a period of time.Bandwidth monitoring trends shows the usage patterns and traffic trends across a day, week, month, and a year. With such statistics, you can analyze how bandwidth is used in your network, and decide if you need to increase available bandwidth.

Bandwidth Usage by Application Report
Application-wise Bandwidth Distribution

To monitor bandwidth utilized by different applications, NetFlow Analyzer bandwidth monitor gives you instant visibility into which applications are using up maximum bandwidth. You can also drill down to see the top sources, destinations and conversations using the bandwidth. With such granular detail, network troubleshooting and problem resolution take far less time than with traditional tools.

Monitor Overall Bandwidth Report
Consolidated Bandwidth Usage Summary

Bandwidth Monitor's reports summarizes the bandwidth utilized and show the overall bandwidth usage statistics for a WAN link. You can monitor bandwidth usage patterns in real time, along with details on hosts, applications, and conversations using up bandwidth for the selected time period. Options to see bandwidth usage during peak working hours is also available.

Wishing you a happy bandwidth monitoring!

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NetFlow Analyzer is a NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (and more) collector and analyzing engine integrated together. NetFlow analyzer is a software (for windows and linux), does not require any hardware probes, which can be downloaded, used in your network environment and can be evaluated for 30 days. Go through the following useful links for better understanding of how NetFlow Analyzer can help you in understanding your network traffic and bandwidth utilization.

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