What is Firewall Analyzer?

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer(FWA) is designed to provide network activity insights while keeping tabs on firewall logs. Firewall Analyzer guards your network by offering hawk-eyed scrutiny of all types of firewalls with compliance, security reports, proxy server management, VPN, IDS and IPS monitoring.

Firewall policy analysis and administration

Firewall policy analysis and administration: Analyze the efficiency of firewall rules and automate the process of pushing rules to your firewall.

Security analysis

Security analysis: Identify security attacks, viruses, and other anomalies in your network.

Configuration monitoring

Configuration monitoring: View the complete trail of all changes applied to your firewall configurations.

Firewall compliance and auditing

Firewall compliance and auditing: Automate firewall audit reports and ensure continuous compliance.

User activity and bandwidth monitoring

User activity and bandwidth monitoring: Get detailed reports on internet and bandwidth usage.


How Firewall Analyzer complements NetFlow Analyzer?

When used alongside NetFlow Analyzer, FWA offers administrators the ability to understand how their networks are utilizing bandwidth. With NetFlow Analyzer, you can understand the unwanted areas consuming more traffic and take corrective measures with Firewall Analyzer.

Manage firewall policies

Firewall Analyzer offers in-depth policy monitoring and helps you deploy policies to ensure smooth flow of tracking while blocking anomalous/potentially harmful traffic. It also allows you to automate firewall rule and log management.

Improve network security

Firewall Analyzer helps you understand network security better and analyze bandwidth using reports based on firewall logs. These include essential firewall reports, traffic details reports, security reports, trends reports, and device management reports.

Monitor your VPN infrastructure

Firewall Analyzer provides the list of users connected to your VPN and the traffic consumed by them. Moreover, it detects failed connections to your VPN, making it easy to spot malicious attempts into your network's VPN.

Gain visibility into firewall configurations

Faulty configuration changes in firewall configurations can affect your firewall's performance. With Firewall Analyzer's configuration reports, you can track configuration changes, identify a faulty change and prevent downtime due to configuration mishaps.

Audit firewall compliance

Firewall Analyzer continuously audits network compliance by coming up with reports on regulations like ISO 27001, SANS, PCI-DSS AND NERC-CIP. Changes in firewall rules are in-line with the compliance reports, to prevent vulnerabilities.

Alerts and notifications

Firewall Analyzer automatically sends notifications to administrators in the event of security breaches or unusual traffic. These alerts are in the form of email, SMS or a tool that can initiate other action. Alerts for bandwidth users are also sent out in real time when bandwidth usage crosses a certain threshold.