What is Network Configuration Manager?

Network Configuration Manager (NCM) helps you manage and track your network’s configurations for change and compliance. Giving you complete control over your network’s configurations, NCM helps you safe guard your network from disasters by eliminating underlying configuration issues.

Configuration Backup

Back up your configuration files and instantly recover from network mishaps.

Compliance Audit

Stay compliant with PCI, HIPAA, Cisco IOS, SOX, and custom policies.

Configuration change management

Improve visibility with live updates on changes made to device configurations.

Configuration Automation

Automate repetitive network operations, and apply configurations to multiple devices at once.

Configuration reports

Generate holistic reports and maintain detailed documentation on every configuration task.


How Network Configuration manager adds value to NetFlow Analyzer?

While NetFlow Analyzer monitors traffic and bandwidth consumption, you can use NCM to manage configurations and detect underlying configuration issues. NCM comes as a stand-alone tool and can also be used as an add-on with NetFlow Analyzer to achieve an integrated management of configurations and bandwidth.

Trigger backups and reduce network device down time

For every device you monitor using OpManager, you can trigger backups using NCM add-on and store them. During a network outage, you can push these back-ups to network devices and reduce the network down-time efficiently.

Monitor network devices for firmware vulnerabilities

Unfixed bugs and outdated OS version can be a hindrance to a smooth network performance. With NCM add-on, you can scan all the devices for firmware vulnerabilities, and upgrade to the latest version or apply recommended patches.

Change device passwords and execute configuration commands

NCM add-on consists of device-scripts called "Configlets" which can be useful in changing device passwords, upgrading firmware, etc. If bulk changes are to be made, you can simply use configlets and push the changes across any number of devices.

Audit your network devices for compliance with global/internal norms

NCM add-on helps your network devices comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, Cisco IOS, and SOX compliance mandates, and allows you create custom policies to be in-line with internal standards, making your network more secure and less vulnerable.

Track configuration changes to avoid unauthorized changes

Suppose, a network device is not performing well due to faulty configuration changes, you can view the "Who", "What" and "When" of configuration changes and detect a faulty change, with NCM add-on. You can also define who can access which configuration with role-based access control.

Leverage workflows for an improved performance

While alarms are raised in OpManager during an issue, workflows can be used for first-level trouble shooting or to avert the issue. You can include NCM add-on actions such as "Backup" "Execute Command" "Execute template" "Get last N changes" etc in the workflows and ensure to keep your devices up and running, under all circumstances.