What is Network Configuration Manager add-on?

Network Configuration Manager (NCM) add-on helps you manage and track your network’s configurations for change and compliance. Giving you complete control over your network’s configurations, NCM helps you safe guard your network from disasters by eliminating underlying configuration issues.

Configuration Backup

Back up your configuration files and instantly recover from network mishaps.

Compliance Audit

Stay compliant with PCI, HIPAA, Cisco IOS, SOX, and custom policies.

Configuration change management

Improve visibility with live updates on changes made to device configurations.

Configuration Automation

Automate repetitive network operations, and apply configurations to multiple devices at once.

Configuration reports

Generate holistic reports and maintain detailed documentation on every configuration task.


How Network Configuration manager adds value to NetFlow Analyzer?

While NetFlow Analyzer monitors traffic and bandwidth consumption, you can use NCM add-on for traffic shaping and prioritizing bandwidth for business critical apps. With the add on you can push flows, implement ACL, modify QoS policies to multiple network devices. By using NCM as an add-on to NFA, you don't have to toggle between multiple tabs, instead, you can manage configurations and monitor traffic from a single interface.

Export Flows for better traffic analysis

Using NCM add-on, you can export flow data to multiple network devices under monitor. This enables you to perform better traffic analysis with NetFlow Analyzer by viewing the traffic data from dashboard and inventory tabs.

Push ACL commands and control priority

Network Configuration Manager’s configlets helps you push configuration commands in bulk. On detecting unusual bandwidth consumption of devices using NetFlow Analyzer, use NCM’s configlets to push ACL commands to control and prioritize data transfer between network devices.

Create QoS policies for congestion elimination

On detection of network congestion with NetFlow Analyzer, NCM add-on helps you to ensure that your business-critical applications get maximum priority by allowing you to create and update suitable QOS policies on your devices instead of configuring them manually.

Manage compliance and create custom policies

Ensure that your network complies with PCI DSS, HIPAA, Cisco IOS, and SOX compliance mandates, and create custom compliance policies using NCM add-on. You can also check device configurations for violations and apply remedial measures to ensure device compliance.

Trigger backups for disaster proof networks

Using NCM add-on enables you to trigger and store network configuration backups for every device under NetFlow Analyzer’s monitor. Efficiently recover from network disasters by instantaneously deploying these back-ups to network devices.

Track and compare configurations changes

With NCM add-on, avert human error and misconfigurations by keeping track of ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘when’ of configuration changes. Compare and manage configuration changes with Diff-View. You can also control who can update configurations with role-based access control.

How to enable NCM add-on

  1. You can enable it by applying NCM add-on license.
  2. NCM add-on in NetFlow Analyzer comes at a 20% discount when compared to the standalone edition.