What is OpUtils?

OpUtils is an IP address and switch port management solution which helps you manage and track your network ’s IP address space and interfaces. With OpUtils, you can discover the MAC address, location, and user of the device that is consuming more bandwidth, block interfaces consuming unusual traffic, resolve underlying IP assignment issues, and manage network endpoints, proactively.


Centralized management of your IP addresses including IPv4 and IPv6, with real-time scanning, Active Directory integration and more.

Rogue device detection

Proactively secure your network from intrusion with Rogue Device Detection feature of OpUtils. Scan your network regularly to detect rogue devices and block them if needed.


Remotely wake up your network devices with OpUtils’ Wake on LAN tool. Supports both manual and scheduled wake up allowing you to group machines, and more.

Network tools

Monitors critical network resources, real-time status updates and aids in troubleshooting with alerts.


Threshold based alerts via email and SMS, notifying you about the crucial network status changes.


How OpUtils adds value to NetFlow Analyzer?

With NetFlow Analyzer monitoring your network bandwidth and traffic, you can use OpUtils to run real-time scans and end-to-end mapping of networked devices. By providing insights into your network device IP addresses, and switch port connections, it enhances your network ’s bandwidth and traffic management strategy.

Track IP addresses

With OpUtils, enable automated real-time tracking of your IP address space. Monitor and manage the aspects of IP addresses associated with your networked devices. This data can be used by NFA to inspect your network’s top talkers.

Secure ports

Using OpUtils, optimize and secure your network’s traffic and bandwidth consumption by administratively blocking ports that are sourcing unusual traffic due to hijacking or virus attacks.

Enhanced Security

With OpUtils’s audits and reports on your network’s endpoints and IP address space, identify patterns indicating security breaches and abnormal behavior.

Map interfaces

Using OpUtils get end-to-end mapping of devices and switch ports, skip the legwork of manually tracing cables. With this data, using NFA, inspect the source and destination devices of your network traffic.

Superior search

On managing multiple diverse devices’ bandwidth and traffic using NFA, track devices easily by simply searching for them using the MAC, IP Address, DNS name or the location of the device, pulled by theOpUtils.

Holistic view

On enabling OpUtils you can view your network devices and traffic flows based on the sub group they belong to. With this, you can gain insight into your network activity per address sub group.