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Audit & Audit Notifications

PMP deals with sensitive passwords and hence it is important to have complete record of all the operations performed using the application. All operations performed by the users including the password retrieval, copying operations should be audited. The audit trails of PMP are quite comprehensive providing information on 'who' performed 'what' operation and 'when'. PMP helps in establishingstrong accountability for all users and actions. All operations performed by users on the GUI are audited with the timestamp and the IP address from where they accessed the application.

Audit in PMP has been classified into three types:

  • Resource Audit - all operations pertaining to resources, resource groups, accounts, passwords, shares and policies
  • User Audit - all operations performed in PMP by a 'PMP user' are captured under 'User Audit'
  • Task Audit - records of various scheduled tasks created

PMP audit is quite comprehensive and almost all actions are audited. There may be requirements to audit only the specific operations. To facilitate that, within each audit type, PMP provides the flexibility to audit only the required operations. There is also option to send notifications to required recipients whenever a chosen event (audit trail of your choice) occurs in PMP.

Audit & Reporting

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