ManageEngine's comprehensive privileged identity management suite empowers IT admins to discover, store, control, and monitor all their privileged identities from a single, unified platform.

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Most organizations house an IT environment that contains innumerable privileged accounts which administrators, privileged users, external vendors, and business applications use to access critical systems. While organizations commonly focus on securing individual user accounts, they often overlook shared accounts, which provide elevated privileges and are the real way for users to gain access to sensitive business information. Failing to enforce strict access controls for shared privileged accounts leaves the door open for attackers to abuse these privileges and siphon important data from the organization.

ManageEngine's privileged identity management (PIM) suite is an enterprise-grade, all-inclusive solution that helps IT teams completely manage shared privileged accounts, whether they use password or key-based authentication. The integral remote access and session management functions also enable secure privileged access to critical servers and continuous user activity monitoring during remote sessions.

The suite tightly integrates ManageEngine's SSH key and SSL certificate management software, Key Manager Plus, with Password Manager Pro, its privileged account management software. In addition to allowing admins to perform privileged password management, the suite also allows IT teams to tighten control over digital keys and certificate usage and management directly from Password Manager Pro's interface. By dedicating sections for SSH key and SSL certificate management within the Password Manager Pro user interface, the integration provides a simplified yet complete privileged identity management software for enterprises. Here's a quick look at what the Key Manger Plus and Password Manager Pro integration has to offer:

New seamless, unified platform

The easy-to-use interface offers a smooth user experience with a truly integrated platform of distinctive PIM functions, privileged access controls, and informative dashboards.

Automated SSH/SSL discovery

Discover SSH keys and SSL certificates deployed across your organization's network. Consolidate all discovered entities and store them in Password Manager Pro's secure repository.

SSH key pair life cycle management

Create new public and private key pairs and associate private keys with their users. Get a holistic view of key-to-user relationships across the organization. Rotate keys periodically to prevent misuse.

CSR creation, plus certificate
deployment and tracking

Handle certificate signing request (CSR) processes quickly. Deploy new certificates to their respective domain servers. Track all certificate information, including the name of the CA, issue date, encryption algorithm, and key length.

SSL vulnerability scans and more

Create periodic schedules to scan for SSL vulnerabilities, rotate key, and discover SSL and AD user certificates. You can also learn when certificates are about to expire and configure alerts for them.

Extensive audit logging

Get a complete record of all user activities and scheduled events related to SSH keys and SSL certificates. Export logs as CSV or PDF files for security audits.

New reporting options

View comprehensive reports on all key and certificate management activities instantly to gain in-depth visibility into SSH and SSL environments.


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