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Secure data transmission

Data integrity is only achieved when security best practices are adopted for both data at rest and in transit. Password Manager Pro's vaulting mechanism is designed to store data safely. To protect data in transit just as well, Password Manager Pro requires all transmissions from and within the application to be made only through secure protocols.

Secure protocols for safe data transmission.

All data transmissions between the Password Manager Pro user interface and the server are encrypted and take place through HTTPS, while transmissions between the server and database occur over SSL. In a high-availability setup, communication between primary and secondary servers is also over HTTPS.

Secure one-way communication for agent-based password resets.

Password Manager Pro deploys agents when you have to reset passwords for resources without direct connectivity. The communication between the agent and server is always one-way, meaning the agent always initiates the connection. This eliminates the need to punch firewall holes or create VPN paths for the server to reach all agents. For remote password reset actions, you can also transmit user passwords using SSH.

Filter incoming data with GUI input validation.

Password Manager Pro thoroughly validates all GUI input to ensure that the user has provided and properly formatted the necessary information. The use of special characters and HTML code filtering protects the application from common attacks such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting, buffer overflow, and others.

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