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Password recovery

Active Directory password recovery: An excercise in futility

Forgotten passwords are an unfortunate fact of life, but password reset tickets aren't. While it's impossible to recover forgotten or expired Active Directory passwords, they can be reset (and that doesn't have to depend on your help desk). Empower your users to reset their own passwords with ADSelfService Plus.

ADSelfService Plus is here for you

ADSelfService Plus allows end users to reset their own passwords, unlock their own accounts, and update their own profile information in AD securely, without help desk intervention. As soon as you deploy the ADSelfService Plus GINA/CP login agents, all users have to do is click Reset password/Unlock account on the Windows or Mac login screen, take care of the issue, and they will gain access to the system. The login agents can be deployed to users' machines from the ADSelfService Plus web portal.

Make expired passwords a thing of the past.

Eliminate expired passwords with ADSelfService Plus' password and account expiration notifications. ADSelfService Plus will automatically search your AD for users whose passwords are about to expire and send them phased reminder notifications to change their passwords, which they can do via ADSelfService Plus' web portal.

Automate password reset

Typically, some users will fail to change their passwords on time, despite receiving multiple notifications, and ultimately find themselves locked out of their own systems. Save your help desk the time and frustration with ADSelfService Plus' automatic password reset/unlock account feature. It resets any expired passwords to a default value set by the administrator and automatically unlocks any locked accounts.

Keep hackers at bay

ADSelfService Plus uses muti-factor authentication to secure password self-service. Users can only reset their passwords or unlock their accounts after confirming their identities through one of the following authentication options:

  • Security questions and answers
  • SMS or email verification
  • Google Authenticator

Just the highlights

Password self-service: Empower end-users to reset their own domain passwords in Active Directory or unlock their own AD accounts without administrator or IT help desk intervention.

Real-time password synchronizer: Synchronize all Active Directory password resets and changes with a range of SaaS and on-premises applications in real time.

Password expiration notification: Notify users of their impending password expiration via SMS, email, and push notifications. This feature is also available as a free tool for unlimited users.

Password policy enforcer: Implement a secure and simple password policy by letting administrators set preconfigured or custom password policies.

Mobile applications: Enable users to access their Windows accounts from anywhere with ADSelfService Plus' Android and iOS mobile applications.

Cached credentials update: Automatically update cached domain credentials on users' machines when they reset their passwords. That way, users can access their Windows machines even when they're not connected to the corporate network.

Directory self-update: Keep your corporate white pages up to date by allowing users to update their own information in Active Directory.



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