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Active Directory Error code532 - password expired

The Active Directory error code 532 is returned when the username submitted is valid but the password submitted has expired. By default, when a domain user's password expires, they are forced to change the expired password. Then, they use the new password to log into their machine. However, not every password expiration situation is resolved seamlessly. Here are some of the issues that may arise due to the password expiration:

  • In some situations, users may end up forgetting the expired password. They now have to raise a help desk ticket to reset their domain password. This decreases the user's productivity and increases the help desk's workload.
  • Remote users such as VPN and OWA users will get stranded if their domain password expires and may not be able to change their password as they are not connected to the domain.

ADSelfService Plus, an Active Directory self-service password management and single sign-on solution, offers the following features that help mitigate password expiration issues:

Self-service Password Reset:

The Self-service Password Reset feature offered by ADSelfService Plus allows domain users to reset their passwords without administrator intervention. With this feature enabled, when users forget their expired passwords they can simply reset it and gain access to their machines again. Learn more about password reset using ADselfService Plus.

Updating Cached Credentials over VPN:

ADSelfService Plus offers the option of updating cached credentials over a VPN. When a remote user resets their password, this feature updates the cached credentials of the machine with this password. When a remotes user's password expires, they can reset their password and since the new password gets updated in Active Directory using VPN, they will be able to use Active Directory connected applications like OWA and VPN. Learn more about this feature.

Password Expiration Notification:

This feature can be used by an organization to send users email, SMS, or push notifications on the impending password expiration, thereby prompting them to change their password before it expires. This helps users prevent password expiration and loss of access to their systems. Know more about notifying users of their expiring passwords.

Other features offered by ADSelfService Plus:

Manage password expiration with ease.

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