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Modification Rules

AD User modification rules

ADSelfService Plus now allows administrators to set modification rules for individual layouts, which auto-populate values for attributes based on your organizational policy. Changes made by the users to their My Info tab are checked with the configured modification rules' conditions. If the changes satisfy the provided conditions, the values assigned by the administrator to specific attributes are also changed. Create rules based on your requirements and organizational policies to automatically update any required fields.

The following use case will familiarize you with the features and options of modification rules.

The following set of instructions will take you through the process of setting up a rule that will modify users' Manager attribute based on the change in their Department field.

To set up a new rule, click Configuration, then Administrative Tools, and then Self Update Layout. In the Customize Layout window, edit an existing layout or create a new one.

Click the Create New Rule button in the Modification Rules tab.

Click Add Conditions to set the change that will trigger modification.

Select the attribute whose value change has to be checked, and enter the condition that has to be satisfied. Also, fill in the attribute values that will be updated if the specified condition is met. Add multiple conditions, and check by linking them using AND or OR conditions.

Click Save, and your modification rules will be set. The next time a user modifies their information to match any of the above configured rules, the attribute values in the Assign Values tab will also be modified, as set in the policy.

The above use case illustrates the simplicity with which modification rules can be set up in ADSelfService Plus. Set multiple rules quickly and efficiently to harness the product's ability to automate minor changes based on users' self-updated information.


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