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ADSelfService Plus Case Studies

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Banking / Financial
Information Technology
Banking / Financial
HomeBanc trusts ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus to resolve its Password expiry and Account lockout problems
'Password Self-service' by ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus assured Hampshire Collegiate School to handle their young wards with kid gloves
ADSelfService Plus helps the students of 'The Principia' with secure self-service password management
A 1200+ sighs of relief for the IT department at City of Grand Rapids with 'Password Self-service' by ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus!
Landratsamt Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis simplifies password management with Self-Service
ADSelfService Plus helps Warsaw City Hall reduce password related help desk calls by 40% through auto password expiry alert and self unlocking of accounts.
City of Warsaw saw an annual increase of 30% in timeliness after using ADSelfService Plus
ADSelfService Plus helps CAMH save $26000 on password related service desk costs
Manufacturing / Engineering
Unisource Worldwide Inc. improves help desk productivity with ADSelfService plus
TEL U.S. adopts ADSelfService Plus to overcome the Account Lockout Menace
ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus helps TXP Corporation deploy Self-Service options to effectively tackle Password Reset Issues
Skorpion Zinc's love at first sight with 'Password Self-Service' & 'Profile update' features by ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus!
‘Password Self Service' by ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus helps CIMTAS save time. Eliminates non-value adding activities of IT staff
Information Technology
Tata Consultancy Services drastically reduces calls to the service desk by implementing ADSelfService Plus.
ALIGN Technology now notifies users about their password expiry 7 days in advance thanks to ADSelfService Plus.
Help desk at Henson Group uses ADSelfServie Plus to automate password management and empower their domain users.
AUBAY SpA reduces helpdesk calls related to password reset by 100% by implementing ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus
Google Apps or Mac systems, it does not matter! ADSelfService Plus is the one-stop solution for self-service password management.

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