New features in ServiceDesk Plus MSP 7.6

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MSP Help Desk Feature Mobile Client

Mobile Client

Service Desk on-the-go

ServiceDesk Plus MSP´s Mobile Client lets your technicians access tickets from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. It´s an easy-to-use browser-based web application, enabling technicians to access request related operations while they are away from their desk, in a client´s site or at any other location. With Mobile Client, the efficiency and productivity of your help desk team is at its best.
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MSP Help Desk Feature Multi Site Support

Multi Site Support

Centralize your IT process

If your clients are spread across the globe, you can now manage all their IT process from a central location. Each client´s account can function as a separate organization having their own organizational rules and working hours. With ServiceDesk Plus MSP, you can consolidate the activities and manage your clients from a single help desk.
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MSP Help Desk Feature Data Archiving

Data Archiving

Archive requests and improve the applications performance

Quit accumulating those huge volumes of old, unused data that hinders the performance of your system. Move them to the archive, and retrieve them as and when you require with Data Archiving.
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MSP Help Desk Feature Email Command

Email Command

Handle your tickets with just an Email

Automate and accelerate the request operations by sending simple commands via email. Whether your technicians are in a remote location or in a client´s site, ServiceDesk Plus MSP will automatically parse the email and perform actions based on the command.
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MSP Help Desk Feature Fine Grained Authorization

Fine Grained Authorization

Drilled-down access permission for specific operations.

Fine Grained Authorization enables your help desk administrator to customize roles for specific operations in a more advanced and detailed manner.
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MSP Help Desk Feature Software Licensing

Software Licensing

Simplify Software Maintenance

It´s easy to track software compliance, and to detect unauthorized and illegal usage of software with Software License Management. Apart from the existing license types like CAL, Volume and Individual, your help desk administrator can manage license types such as, OEM, Concurrent, Enterprise, Free, Named User, Node locked and Tria!.