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Mobile Client

MSP Help Desk Feature Mobile Client

With the advent of Android and Smart phones, mobile communication has stretched their wings far and wide making every activity simple in the palm of your hands. So, what can be better than to make this technology beneficial for your help desk technicians?

ServiceDesk Plus MSP has developed a completely web based mobile application, which can be accessed through mobile browsers across various platforms. It´s a convenient mode to access tickets instantly when your help desk technicians are away from their seat, in a meeting or at any other location. With Mobile Client, the productivity chart of your help desk team is sure to soar high.


  • A browser-based web application to access tickets from any location.
  • A Dashboard that provides details such as the number of Overdue Requests, Requests Due on that day and Pending Requests.
  • The Request module that supports features such as, creating new request, viewing request details, adding resolution to a request, adding worklog, assigning technician to a request, closing completed requests and deleting requests.


MSP Help Desk Feature Mobile Client
  • Stay connected, receive updates and perform appropriate request related operations whenever, wherever.
  • Take actions on critical requests instantly.
  • Improves the productivity of your help desk team.