IT Help Desk Integrations

Turn your IT service desk into an IT command center
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IT help desk integrations

Take Complete Control of Your IT from Within Your IT Help Desk

ServiceDesk Plus offers powerful, native integrations with industry-leading apps from ManageEngine to give you a 360 degree view and control of your IT infrastructure. Be it managing networks, applications, and desktops from your IT help desk console or accessing advanced service desk analytics, ServiceDesk Plus enables you to do all of them.

Desktop Central

Streamline desktop and mobile device management activities like software deployment, patch management, profile management, and remote control from your IT help desk console with the ManageEngine Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus integration.

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Detect faults and performance issues in your network and enable automatic creation of tickets in the IT help desk. With OpManager's integration with ServiceDesk Plus, you can now get instant notifications in case of network failures so that you can minimize the risk and improve service availability.

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Insightful reports

Gain better insights into your IT service desk operations with the advanced analytics suite. Create powerful reports and dashboards instantly without the hassle of writing complex database queries. Depending on the mode of deployment, you can choose one of the integration options, Analytics Plus (on-premise) or Zoho Analytics (on-cloud).

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ADManager Plus

Integrate ServiceDesk Plus with AD Manager Plus to effortlessly create, delete, unlock, enable or disable users, reset user passwords and perform other AD management activities.

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ADSelf Service Plus

With the ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus integration, end users can now perform a password reset, unlock an account, and update personal details in the Active Directory. Doing this will reduce a major chunk of tickets to the service desk.

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Applications Manager

Automatically convert any alarms from Applications Manager, the application performance monitoring tool from ManageEngine, as tickets in ServiceDesk Plus and have them assigned to the right technicians with all the ticket parameters set.

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Password Manager Pro

Launch remote sessions to privileged accounts right from within your service desk with the PasswordManager Pro integration. Ensure better compliance with strict authentication processes for launching secure remote sessions.

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Third-party integrations

Actionable messages for Outlook and Office 365

Perform actions on your tickets right from your mailbox with the actionable messages from ServiceDesk Plus.

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ServiceDesk Plus add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Bring your helpdesk right into your mailbox, and perform help desk activities without even accessing your help desk portal.

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Office 365 calendar integration

IT technicians can sync their reminders and leave days between their ServiceDesk Plus and Microsoft Office 365 calendars, making it easier to track technician availability right from within their Microsoft Calendar.

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ServiceDesk Plus for Microsoft Teams New

Leverage Microsoft Teams as an effective channel for streamlining your IT service management activities by integrating ServiceDesk Plus with the unified communication platform from Microsoft.

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What Customers Say
I would say our technicians are 200 percent more efficient because of ServiceDesk Plus. This software creates a partnership between end-user and technician, allowing us all to do our jobs to the utmost.
Alex Walker
director of IT, Cetero Research

Turn your IT service desk into an IT command center

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