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ADManager Plus

Active Directory distribution list report

In Windows Active Directory (AD) or Microsoft Exchange, groups can refer to distribution groups or security groups. Distribution lists and distribution groups let multiple users quickly and easily communicate. Managing distribution groups in an Exchange (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019) environment can be quite a tedious task. If the admins could export the members of distribution lists, it would make it easier for them to manage the distribution groups without any hassle.

At any given point in time, it's imperative for administrators to:

  • Get a complete list of all the distribution lists or distribution groups.
  • Export the distribution list members in bulk in CSV, XLSX, or PDF formats.
  • Extract only the inactive members or users from distribution groups.
  • Identify all the empty distribution groups or lists in the organization.
  • Have an up-to-date list of all the non-members of distribution lists.
  • Know which users are members of any distribution group(s) along with their nested groups.
  • Modify the group attributes or the attributes of the distribution lists.
  • Add or remove members from distribution lists.
  • Update distribution lists.

And more.

Detailed Exchange distribution list reports and AD distribution group reports are vital for efficient management of distribution lists and for effective cleanup of distribution lists.

It's tedious and difficult to query and extract distribution list reports using the native tools or PowerShell scripts, since they require in-depth knowledge and understanding of multiple domains (i.e., AD or Exchange Server) and scripting.

With ADManager Plus, an AD distribution lists reporting tool, administrators can quickly and easily export distribution list members and generate all the required information about them using prebuilt reports like:

Administrators can also schedule all the AD distribution list reports to be generated and emailed to multiple users automatically at specified times in XLSX, CSV, PDF, and HTML formats.

Distribution Groups

Distribution lists can be either internal or external and are frequently used as mailing lists and for creating email distribution lists.

Active Directory Distribution Groups report

This report lists all the distribution groups in the Exchange Server and, more importantly, for every distribution list, it also displays these vital details:

  • Distribution group name
  • The corresponding members of the distribution list for each group
  • Nested distribution lists or distribution groups in each selected group

Distribution List Members

Active Directory Distribution Groups report

This report lists all the users who are members of at least one distribution list or any of the nested groups of a distribution list, and provides the following information about each user:

  • Display Name
  • Full Name
  • The distribution groups they're a member of

Explore these distribution list-specific reports as well as over 200 other reports in ADManager Plus, an AD distribution list reporting tool, with a free, 30-day trial offering unrestricted access to all the features.

Non-Distribution List Members

Active Directory Distribution Groups report

This report lists all the users who are not members of or part of any distribution list along with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Groups (non-distribution groups) they're a member of

Additionally, ADManager Plus allows administrators to perform a variety of group management and group membership management operations. With this AD group management and reporting tool, administrators can:

  • Create AD groups individually or in bulk using a CSV file.
  • Add members to groups.
  • Update AD groups.
  • Remove existing members of a group.
  • Modify groups individually or in bulk.
  • Move groups in bulk.
  • Delete AD groups.

Read more about group management using ADManager Plus.

Benefits of using ADManager Plus as an AD distribution list reporting tool:

  • Generate in-depth distribution list reports such as reports on distribution groups along with both distribution and non-distribution-list members.
  • Eliminate the need for PowerShell scripts to generate reports on distribution lists.
  • Export reports in multiple formats and schedule them to be generated and delivered at a specific time.

ADManager Plus offers more than 200 reports, including reports on distribution lists and security.

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