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Mailbox Management

Exchange Server & Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox Management

Deploying shared mailboxes for Exchange and Microsoft 365 environments helps organizations handle customer emails efficiently. However, managing the shared mailboxes using PowerShell or native tools requires additional time and effort. Organizations that have shared mailboxes in multiple Exchange Server versions and Microsoft 365 are forced to sign in to different consoles to create and modify the shared mailboxes. In addition, there is no option to delegate the management of shared mailboxes. Therefore, organizations need a more practical alternative to simplify shared mailbox management.

Shared mailbox management has never been easier

ADManager Plus, the web-based Active Directory management and reporting solution, simplifies shared mailbox management by letting you:

  • Create shared mailboxes in different versions of Exchange Server, as well as in cloud-based Microsoft 365, from a single console.
  • Modify desired attributes and mailbox permissions in different versions of existing Exchange shared mailboxes.
  • Apply retention policies and set retention URLs for multiple shared mailboxes at once.
  • Manage auto-reply configurations, and set both external and internal messages for shared mailboxes.
  • Manage email forwarding and configure the respective addresses associated with shared mailboxes in bulk.
  • Convert shared mailboxes to regular user, room, or equipment mailboxes in bulk.
  • Manage MailTip settings. and configure the MailTip message for multiple shared mailboxes at the same time.
  • Assign values for various policies and attributes such as delivery restrictions, ActiveSync policy, and more, during the shared mailbox creation process.
  • Delegate the responsibilities of shared mailbox creation and modification to help desk technicians. and enable auto map shared mailbox users' to Outlook profiles.
  • Set a custom script to be executed on successful mailbox creation.

All these tasks are easily performed with UI-based, script-free, point and click actions.

Shared mailbox creation

ADManager Plus lets you create shared mailboxes, with all the desired settings and permissions, in just few clicks. Further, this tool offers the flexibility to create shared mailboxes in different versions of Microsoft Exchange, as well as Microsoft 365, from a single window. To make the process simpler, ADManager Plus:

  • Highlights mandatory attributes so you make sure to set their values.
  • Allows you to set values for both standard and custom attributes.
  • Lets you set all relevant permissions for the mailboxes.
  • Provides you the option to create shared mailboxes in Microsoft 365, with DirSync enabled or disabled.

Shared mailbox modification

Modification of shared mailboxes in different versions of Exchange Server is extremely easy with ADManager Plus because it lets you:

  • Modify all desired attributes and mailbox permissions in a single action.
  • See the modifications that are going to be carried out, so that you can double check your changes before implementation.

Delegated management of shared mailboxes

ADManager Plus enables administrators to easily delegate the creation of Exchange or Microsoft 365 shared mailboxes to specific non-administrative users. The responsibility of modifying Exchange shared mailboxes can also be assigned. To make this delegation completely secure, ADManager Plus allows administrators to:

  • Specify the OUs in which the designated technician can create or modify shared mailboxes.
  • Choose the attributes of shared mailboxes that the technicians will be allowed to edit or manage.

Despite being delegated the task of managing shared mailboxes, the user's actual rights in the Active Directory and Exchange environments remain unchanged.

Configure shared mailbox retention policy

With ADManager Plus, you can easily configure the following with respect to retention policies, and apply them to multiple shared mailboxes at the same time:

  • Apply a retention policy along with a URL that contains more information on the organization's message retention policies.
  • Specify the number of days for which the deleted items need to be retained.
  • Enable retention hold for a specific time frame.

Set shared mailbox permission changes

Set and modify the permissions that a user has over the other mailboxes. You can configure different types of permissions such as full access, read permissions, change permissions, etc.

Configure auto-reply settings in shared mailboxes

ADManager Plus allows you to enable, disable, or schedule auto-reply settings for your shared mailboxes. You can configure different auto-reply messages for internal and external users.

Email forwarding in shared mailboxes

Enable or disable email forwarding of shared mailboxes in bulk. You can set up different forwarding addresses for internal and external users. You can also choose to keep a copy of the forwarded messages in the current mailbox if needed.

Convert shared mailboxes

ADManager Plus lets you convert a shared mailbox to a regular, room, or equipment mailbox in bulk.

MailTip settings in shared mailboxes

MailTips are messages displayed to the senders as they start drafting email messages to their recipients. You can enable or disable MailTip settings. and configure the MailTip message for multiple shared mailboxes at the same time with ADManager Plus.

In a nutshell

ADManager Plus effectively simplifies the process of shared mailbox management by allowing administrators to create and modify shared mailboxes in multiple versions of on-premises Exchange server, as well as create new shared mailboxes in on-demand Microsoft 365, from a single console. The responsibility of shared mailbox management can also be securely delegated to help desk technicians. All these tasks are performed with purely UI-based, script-free actions, making your shared mailbox management process a breeze.

Single-window mailbox management for Exchange and Office 365 with ADManager Plus.

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