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With the evolution of Microsoft Microsoft 365, ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus has integrated Microsoft 365 mailboxes with the Exchange Server. Users can sure access their mailboxes on the go. But as the access window widens, due care must be weighed in to manage Microsoft 365 mailbox activities. Admins, over the years have become adaptable to the evolving technology and have been handling novel tasks quite smartly. Managing Microsoft 365 mailboxes isn’t really a tedious job; however, it requires frequent visits to ensure efficient capacity planning. Exchange Reporter Plus users can now access Microsoft 365 Reports that shows the details of M365 mailboxes. It covers the following:

Mailbox Enabled Users

Mailbox Enabled Users

This report lists all Mailbox Enabled Users. The Mailbox Name, Email id and Server information are listed in the report. It essentially gives the information of all the users who bear an Microsoft 365 account.

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Mailbox Size

Microsoft 365 Mailbox Size

This report returns the current list of all M365 Mailboxes in an Exchange Organization and their respective sizes & count. Mailbox Size is displayed for the current time by default.

The report also offers a statistical data. It sorts the Top 10 Mailboxes by Size and displays the same on a Bar Graph. Furthermore, each of the bars can show mailbox specific information.

Inactive Mailboxes

Microsoft 365 Inactive Mailboxes

This report lists all the inactive Microsoft 365 mailboxes in the Exchange Server. The report is based on the last logon time of a user. Any Mailbox that hasn’t been logged on within a specified number of days is considered to be inactive by Exchange Reporter Plus. The report features the Mailbox names, the corresponding email id along with the date of last logon.

Archive Mailboxes

Microsoft 365 Archive Mailboxes

This report lists the names of all the M365 mailboxes that have been archived locally. The report also displays metrics like the size of the archive, the quota assigned to the archive and the archive warning based on quota consumption.

Hidden Mailboxes

Microsoft 365 Hidden Mailboxes

This report displays all the Microsoft 365 mailboxes whose visibility attributes are set to 'hidden'; which means they wouldn't appear on the Exchange address lists. The report interface returns a table that shows the name of the mailbox along with the corresponding email address.

Mailbox with Delegates

Mailbox with Delegates

This report identifies all the Microsoft 365 mailboxes that have assigned delegates. It displays the assigned delegate's mailbox name and email address, and the corresponding user who issued the delegation. The reports also allow the user to filter the data based on objects and groups.

Mailbox with Forward To

Mailbox with Forward To

This report identifies all the Microsoft 365 users who have enabled forwarding of emails to other users. It lists down all the Microsoft 365 mailbox names and their email addresses along with the corresponding forwarding destinations.

Microsoft 365 reports come handy for users when they look for general information on online mailboxes like mailbox size or users' last logon time, etc. The reports bring mailbox details to the surface and aid effective mailbox management with little less than few metrics to look up to. Microsoft 365 Mailbox Reports do support all versions of Exchange servers from 2003 through 2013; and even can be exported in csv, xls, pdf or html formats.


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