ITOM(IT Operations Management)

What is ITOM?

IT Operations Management (ITOM) is the process of provisioning network resources, enhancing capacity planning, enabling optimal performance, and ensuring constant availability of your IT infrastructure. It comprises all of the networking and application monitoring tasks that help you offer uninterrupted, good quality service delivery to end users. An effective enterprise ITOM strategy helps organizations ensure network health, performance, and seamless service delivery, which are the critical components to garner client satisfaction and stay ahead of competition.

With that being said, organizations should not spend all their time, effort, and budget on using different tools to simplify their ITOM tasks. A unified ITOM tool that offers a clear, well-defined process to help them gain the right amount of visibility into their IT infrastructure and ensure peak performance, is the need of the hour.


Benefits of unified ITOM

ITOM Tool - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

A well-structured ITOM platform can help businesses resolve critical IT infrastructure bottlenecks.With an end-to-end IT infrastructure management solution ensuring optimal performance, organization can:

  • Enhance capacity planning and provisioning: Understand and identify your network resource utilization trends and stay ahead of resource outages. Log historical utilization metrics and trends, with automated reports. For instance, you can plan storage needs well in advance to accommodate ever-increasing business requirements.
  • Simplify IT resource management: Manage an organization's IT resources in a centralized manner, carry out resource request fulfillment, and enable seamless IT help desk functioning.
  • Monitor health and performance of devices: Conduct regular health and performance checks for the various physical and virtual infrastructure components, and ensure their reliable performance.
  • Monitor and manage network traffic: Ensure optimum bandwidth consumption, and shape traffic accordingly to avoid your IT infrastructure succumbing to bandwidth pitfalls.
  • Meet global compliance standards: Make sure all devices are compliant with the latest security compliance standards, and automate periodic backups, and compliance checks.
  • Avoid prolonged downtime: Setup proactive monitors to predict issues before they disrupt your IT, track misconfigurations, and perform periodic backups of critical configurations to enable effective incident response. Plan and implement effective disaster recovery strategies.
  • Minimize impact on end users: Monitor business-critical applications and servers to ensure that the end-user experience is not affected. Ensure security is enforced across all vulnerable endpoints.

Challenges in ITOM: Why do you need an unified ITOM solution?

While ITOM helps network admins gain visibility into network resources, modernize IT infrastructures, and automate processes, without an unified IT operations management solution, management process can be complex. With networks becoming hybrid, distributed, and dynamic, network admins might face challenges such as:

  • Limited visibility: Network admins require complete visibility at all times into the organization’s IT infrastructure across multiple layers: physical layer, application layer, security layer, and transmission layer. However, legacy ITOM solutions and tools fail to effectively enable complete visibility into modern IT infrastructures.
  • Disparate tools and data sources: Most network admins today still depend on different independent tools to carry out ITOM processes and tasks.While it might seem appropriate to use dedicated tools for different networking, application, or service components, this results in disparate sources of data for ITOM. Also, with several tools for ITOM services, IT admins must strike a balance between each of them. Focusing too much on one tool could result in missing key loopholes and network issues logged by other tools.
  • Lack of integrations: Outside of Ops management, ITOM also requires teams to communicate and collaborate with each other. Importantly, with IT now relying on ticketing and help desk software for smooth functioning, without integrating with required tools, ITOM can be tedious.
  • Scalability, high costs, and budget constraints: The different tools used are often expensive. Without carefully understanding their licensing terms and models, network scaling becomes a costly process that can strain the IT budget.

Enter OpManager Plus, a unified solution with capabilities built to simplify your entire ITOM cycle

ManageEngine OpManager Plus is an unified ITOM solution trusted by network admins world wide. This integrated IT operations management tool is packed with advanced IT operations monitoring capabilities that ensure optimal performance of your organization's IT infrastructure.

Optimize your ITOM process with:

  • Effective network performance and availability monitoring.
  • Real-time server and application monitoring.
  • Reduced downtime with effective configuration management options.
  • Powerful console to monitor firewalls, bandwidth, and network address space.
  • Efficient fault management with in-depth insights, alerts, and reports.
  • Insightful ITOM metrics for advanced IT operations analytics.

ITOM - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Powerful network monitoring

Enable proactive network monitoring over crucial network components such as servers, routers, storage, application, firewalls, interfaces, switch ports, device configurations, and network bandwidth. Take advantage of a single web console that allows you to comprehensively track your IT with its diverse range of built-in monitors.

ITOM Solutions - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Holistic discovery and mapping

Enable seamless network discovery with OpManager Plus' flexible and holistic network discovery, rediscovery, and mapping capabilities. Built to manage even the most complex IT infrastructures, OpManager Plus offers enhanced visibility into your monitored components within minutes of setup.

Multilevel thresholds and instantaneous alerts

Stay in the know about your network's critical components and their performance with just a glance using OpManager's multi-level thresholds. Get instantly alerted when your devices show even the slightest signs of trouble. This helps you effectively throttle cascading network issues that can bring down your entire network.

ITOM Platform - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Effective automations with OpManager Plus' Workflows

Make ITOM more efficient by cutting down on costs, time, and resources with OpManager Plus' drag-and-drop automation workflow builder. Deploy OpManager Plus' effective workflows to automate monotonous by the book tasks and L1 and L2 fault management activities.

ITOM Metrics - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Insightful metrics for advanced IT operations analytics

OpManager Plus provides a comprehensive outlook on your network performance, enabling you to analyze IT infrastructure performance more effectively.

ITOM Report - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Customize how you manage your IT operations

Want to be alerted through specific channels or set-up network maps? OpManager Plus enables you to customize your enterprise IT operations management. Utilize ITOM dashboards with diverse network visualization options including Business Views, 3D Floor Views, and Rack Views. Configures alert-escalation rules, and choose between different channels such as SMS, mail, syslog, and console alerts. Customize User Roles, and experience more customizations that helps you with hassle free ITOM.

ITOM Dashboard - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Integrations: Extend the scope of your ITOM capabilities

Make ITOM holistic, smart, and seamless by integrating with different ManageEngine applications and the third-party tools of your choice.

ITOM Integration - ManageEngine OpManager Plus


Get started with OpManager Plus, and optimize your ITOM process today!

OpManager Plus seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure with no additional requirements, enabling you to get started in minutes! Experience all the advanced features OpManager Plus provides by downloading a free, 30-day trial. You can also schedule a personalized demo with out product experts to learn how OpManager Plus can help you meet your ITOM requirements.


What is ITOM software?


Why do we need ITOM?

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