AWS cloud monitoring

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform provided by Amazon that offers technology services to businesses, including computing power, storage, and databases. With AWS, businesses don't need to buy, own, or maintain physical data centers and servers, and AWS's pay-as-you-go approach has allowed businesses to avoid the high costs related to IT infrastructure.

However, applications and databases hosted on AWS generate large volumes of data in the form of AWS cloud logs and events. To optimize performance, resource utilization, and threat mitigation, you need to monitor these logs and events constantly using an efficient AWS cloud monitoring tool. One of the best AWS cloud monitoring best practices is equipping yourself with a powerful AWS cloud monitoring solution that can deal with the terabytes of event log data.


AWS cloud monitoring using Log360

Log360, a comprehensive SIEM solution from ManageEngine, facilitates the smooth functioning of your business using a secure and protected cloud environment and provides complete visibility into your AWS cloud infrastructure. With comprehensive reports, easy search mechanisms, and customizable alert profiles available in the AWS cloud monitoring module of Log360, you can track, analyze, and respond to events occurring in your cloud environments.

Below are some of the highlights of Log360's AWS cloud monitoring capabilities.

Monitoring Amazon S3 logs

Amazon S3 logs are processed and presented in S3 traffic analysis reports, which are useful in AWS cloud resource monitoring, security auditing, understanding data access patterns, and identifying error conditions.

Amazon S3 bucket logging

Keep track of bucket activity in your S3 architecture with reports that provide insights on key actions such as the creation and deletion of S3 buckets.

Logging and monitoring AWS IAM

Get an overview of IAM activity in your AWS environment through comprehensive reports that ensure no IAM activity goes unnoticed. These reports cover key actions involving users, groups, roles, multi-factor authentication (MFA) devices, and access keys.

Auto-configuration of AWS

Before your log management solution can start receiving CloudTrail logs, your AWS environment will need some tweaking. The auto-configuration feature of Log360 can get your AWS environment ready for CloudTrail log generation and transmission without the need for manual configuration.

AWS ELB log analysis

Analyze traffic patterns, and monitor the operational efficiency of your AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) through comprehensive reports on the traffic running through the load balancer.

AWS security group change auditing

Get detailed reports on security group changes to enable security administrators to quickly detect anomalies and mitigate threats.

Amazon RDS logging

Monitor the activity in Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) DBinstances through reports that provide key information such as which user performed an action, the source IP address of a request, the request parameters, the time an event occurred, and much more.

Forensic analysis using CloudTrail logs

Get a panoramic view of your entire cloud environment through reports generated using CloudTrail logs and S3 server access logs.

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