Salesforce Connected Apps reports

Connected Apps is a Salesforce framework that authenticates, authorizes, and provides single sign-on (SSO) for external apps that are integrated with Salesforce. It is essential for enterprises to audit Connected App usage, as it provides insights on the protocol the external app uses, where the external app runs, and so on.

With Salesforce's Setup Audit Trail, users can audit Connected Apps usage. With Setup Audit Trail enabled, you'll be able to view Connected App usage logs by exporting them in CSV format. However, continuous monitoring and detecting threats on a daily basis is a challenge.

Log360 is a SIEM solution that automatically analyzes this information and provides complete insights on the use of integrated apps.

Monitor connected apps with Log360

Log360 presents detailed information on critical events such as app creation, deletion, and update in the form of intuitive reports to get better visibility on what's happening in your Salesforce platform. These details are presented on dashboards in the form of graphs and charts, so that it's easier to spot anomalies and dig deeper into the suspicious events.

All these graphical reports are exportable in various formats including XLS, HTML, PDF, and CSV. Further, they can also be scheduled at regular intervals to ensure continuous monitoring. You can also have them regularly delivered straight to your inbox.

Alerting on Connected Apps with Log360

Get notified about creation and deletion events in Connected Apps with Log360. With Log360's alerting feature, you can set rules to trigger email alerts for critical Connected Apps events to notify you as soon as events are logged. Detect activity at unusual times, set threshold-based alerts to detect anomalies such as creation of multiple connected apps, and much more.


Salesforce Connected apps reports

Monitor and detect Salesforce Connected apps and prevent attacks with ease.

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