An effective SIEM solution for enterprises

By studying data breaches, analyst research, and our own engagements with customers and partners, we've discovered three key takeaways about the current state of organizations' security postures:

  • Most organizations are not aware when an attack is underway in their network. They often realize there was a breach weeks or months after the incident takes place.
  • Organizations tend to focus disproportionately on preventive security measures, and aren't equipped to effectively monitor their networks in order to detect malicious activities.
  • The problem for organizations is not the lack of available data about security events, but rather the lack of effective analytical techniques to convert that data into actionable insights.

ManageEngine Log360 is a comprehensive security incident and event management (SIEM) solution that aims to address the above concerns with the integration of multiple auditing tools from ManageEngine. Log360 provides enterprises with a holistic view of security events occurring in their networks in order to detect and mitigate security threats at an early stage.

Key capabilities of Log360

Security event monitoring

Log360 can gather data from an array of event sources, ranging from Active Directory (AD) and firewalls to Office 365. Security teams get a consolidated view of security events in their network, which greatly improves operational efficiency. Alerting and correlation rules help flag indicators of compromise (IOCs) to ensure security incidents are mitigated before they result in a data breach.

Integrated compliance management

Log360 helps organizations from various regions and industries adhere to compliance mandates. With out-of-the-box reports on regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and the GDPR, organizations from various industries including government, finance, healthcare, and education can use Log360 to demonstrate compliance to IT auditors every year.

Data security and ransomware mitigation

Log360 monitors security events happening at the data level in files, folders, and databases. This ensures that unauthorized actions on personal data are kept in check. Further, Log360 can detect ransomware infections on file servers in real time and take automated response actions. Additonal features like data discovery add tremendous value, especially in light of various data protection regulations.

Advanced threat analytics

Log360's threat intelligence module helps detect any communications with various known external malicious sources. Our partnership with Webroot and its BrightCloud Threat Intelligence service provides in-depth insights into the threats that have been flagged; security teams can analyze the reputation scores of IPs and URLs, and take appropriate remedial actions.

User and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA)

The UEBA add-on uses machine learning and statistical analysis to profile the behaviors of users and systems, and subsequently detect anomalous activities. Upon detecting an anomaly, Log360 increases the risk score associated with that user or entity.

Automated response workflows

Efficiency is one the most important KPIs for a security operations center (SOC). Log360 can execute response workflows when alerts are raised so the first-level response to a security incident can be taken even before an administrator enters the scene.

Risk assessment

Log360 provides crucial reports to understand possible risks in AD. These reports track and validate crucial configurations in AD such as group memberships, file permissions, and more. By analyzing data from non-event data sources, Log360 helps contextualize event information and provide deeper visibility into security risks in the network.

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