Monitoring AWS EC2 instances

It's important to monitor cloud instances as they host confidential company data. Continuously auditing the changes happening to these cloud resources is also essential to comply with regulatory mandates' requirements and ensure data security.

On that note, any changes that occur in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances need to be monitored. This will provide insights on possible security threats that occur in your cloud environment, and also enable you to meet compliance demands.

With an interactive dashboard, Log360 displays key insights into security events by analyzing EC2 logs. The solution detects security threats such as intrusion attempts, unauthorized accesses, and changes like elevated security credentials in real time.


EC2 logging with Log360

With an interactive dashboard, Log360 displays key insights into security events by analyzing the EC2 instance's log data. The solution's out-of-the-box security audit reports provide context on various changes, presenting detailed information such as the name of the event, the time of occurrence, who made the change, the source IP address, and the AWS region on potential security threats.

With Log360, you can track:

  • EC2 state changes: List all recent instance changes such as the starting, rebooting, and stopping of instances. It provides details on who did what event, from where, and when. These insights help security admins investigate the source of an event and mitigate any insider threat.


  • Security group changes: Get insights into recent configuration changes such as the addition of IP addresses to security groups and authorization of security group ingress (adding an inbound rule). The Recent EC2 Instance State Changes report provides information on details about the event, the user who made the change, and the source IP from which the change was made. With this information, security admins can quickly track down security threats and malicious traffic to your cloud instances.


  • User activity monitoring: Monitor your users' activities on EC2 instances by gathering information on unauthorized activities, changes to users, and login activity. By managing users' identities and accesses, you can control how users use your AWS resources. Log360 is an ideal monitoring tool for tracking the activities of users and ensuring the security posture of your network is maintained.


Stay vigilant with Alerts

Log360 helps organizations address changes in instances by setting up alerts to notify security administrators to prioritize security threats quickly. You can also create custom alert profiles that alert administrators on events based on severity levels, namely Attention, Trouble, and Critical. For example, you can set up a Critical alert to be sent to security admins in the event of a network access control list (ACL) getting deleted.

You can also use threshold-based alerts to be notified when X number of events occur within X minutes.

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