Endpoint log monitoring with Log360

The bulk of network activity occurs on endpoints. Your end users use these systems to perform their daily tasks, so monitoring these devices is crucial to your network security. Log360 helps you gain a clear understanding of all activities occurring in your network endpoints. It provides a wide range of reports and alerts to help you audit various kinds of events on your Windows and Linux systems, including:

Severity-based information

Gain an overall view of events occurring on your endpoints, classified by their severity level. Identify the machines that are throwing numerous warnings or errors. You can also view critical events and spot trends in how often they occur across your network.

System events

Audit critical system events such as machine startups and shutdowns, clock changes, license changes, and hard disk failures. These may not typically be audited, but still provide a wealth of information as to how things are faring at a hardware level on your systems.

Software installations

All organizations have a software use policy that governs what kinds of software users can or cannot install. You can monitor adherence to these policies by auditing endpoints for all software installations and changes. You can also monitor the execution of whitelisted applications, and receive information on application crashes and errors.

Removable disk activity

Removable devices are potential data exfiltration points and their use must be monitored carefully. Log360 provides detailed reports on removable disk activity to help you understand which users are using external storage media and on which devices.

Registry changes

Registry values dictate several low-level settings used by your Windows machines and applications (for example, printer settings, or the location from where a program will launch). It's important to monitor changes to the registry to ensure there are no unauthorized changes being made.

Logon and session activity

Get detailed information on successful and failed user logons. Log360 even gives you a live view of users currently active on the network with its session activity monitoring reports, which come complete with a session duration timer. You can drill down further into each session to generate a timeline of events during that session.

Endpoint solution information

Log360 provides detailed reports for various crucial endpoint security solutions such as threat solutions, antivirus software, and vulnerability scanners. These reports give you a central view of threats and vulnerabilities detected across your network endpoints.

Log360 analyzes millions of events from your network endpoints to help you understand how they're being used. You can easily audit activities on endpoints from this central console using the hundreds of reports available, set up alerts for critical events, or even use the powerful search engine to find the exact events you need.

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