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"NetFlow Analyzer provides me with a near real time view of what is happening on our network and it greatly assists in diagnosing network issues"

Stuart Kett,
SBS Bank

Network Bandwidth and traffic Monitoring Features in NetFlow Analyzer

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based tool, being used by more than 4000 enterprises, that analyzes NetFlow exports from Cisco routers to provide in-depth information about network traffic including, traffic volume, top talkers, bandwidth consumption, and high usage times. The information provided by NetFlow Analyzer helps IT in the following tasks:

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" It was easy to install, has a very clean interface with good reporting features, and is a better value than other retail options. "

Michael Pringle,
Network Engineer, Washington University School of Medicine

Traditional Network traffic monitor tools analyze using hardware probes or packet analyzers to offer granular and detailed information on network traffic. However, hardware probes require complex deployment procedures, and typically do not account for IPsec traffic. And packet analyzers flood you with results that do not offer direct insight into application-specific traffic in the network. As a result, IT department is faced with an increased troubleshooting cycle, and an extended time to make critical decisions affecting the network.

Today with Cisco’s NetFlow innovation ( and other flows from other vendors), network traffic monitoring takes far less time and effort, and yields much bigger benefits to the enterprise. NetFlow makes traffic monitoring possible by collecting granular details on IP traffic continuously, without affecting device performance or increasing costs. Using this exported NetFlow data, ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer gives network administrators/managers the visibility that they require to understand the WAN. Armed with powerful instant reports on top talkers, conversations, and more, NetFlow Analyzer tells IT exactly what they need to know in order to troubleshoot or make informed capacity planning decisions.

NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based tool that analyzes NetFlow exports from Cisco routers to monitor network traffic metrics including, traffic volume, traffic speed, packets, top talkers, bandwidth utilization, and high usage times. There are various reports that can be obtained from NetFlow Analyzer. It is very simple to deploy and start working with. You can install NetFlow Analyzer on a Windows or Linux machine, and use a web browser to access the client interface. After installing, set up your Cisco routers/switches to export NetFlow data to NetFlow Analyzer. Within minutes, traffic graphs are plotted and reports are automatically generated by NetFlow Analyzer, and you are all set to monitor traffic in your network.

Users can drill down in to the interfaces to view information on the traffic, application, source, destination, conversation, DSCP and QoS of the traffic.

With NetFlow Analyzer you can monitor traffic and do much more!

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NetFlow Analyzer is a NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (and more) collector and analyzing engine integrated together. NetFlow analyzer does not require any hardware probes and can be downloaded, used in your network environment and can be evaluated for 30 days. Go through the following useful links for better understanding of how NetFlow Analyzer can help you to monitor network traffic and bandwidth utilization.