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Troubleshoot Reports

Faster Network Troubleshooting

A necessity for faster troubleshooting of network incidents!

"NetFlow Analyzer has helped us reduce the time taken to isolate and contain threats like worms and virus attacks. It has also helped us to solve network incidents faster, and do better capacity planning."

Fred Hassard,
Sr. Network Engineer, Adventist Health

There are very useful reports regarding bandwidth utilization and network traffic monitoring that can be obtained from ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. All you need to know is how it is done, so that you can get your hands on the bandwidth utilization and network traffic reports without spending more time than required.

To monitor network traffic/bandwidth utilization does not only mean 'to be able to view the present' but to be able to go back in time and find out why a particular spike was generated, so that the spikes and unpredictable network behaviour can be avoided in the future.

And to be able to do that, you might need a solution that is more than just a windshield, you need a solution that gives you the flexibility to select how far you want to be able to back to the past and get the required actionable information and bandwidth reports, which ultimately helps you achieve efficient use of your network bandwidth. ManageEngine NetFlow analyzer offers you exactly that and of course, a peace of mind. It'll change the way you look at your network, hence a network traffic monitor.

Among the many other network traffic reports, NetFlow Analyzer offers one particular report for troubleshooting purposes. This network troubleshooting report helps you, as the name suggests, troubleshoot network incidents faster. The report lets you select different criteria by which you can generate this particular report. The various criteria have been shown in the below given screenshot. The dropdown allows ease of selecting the criteria and you can even select either "match one of the following" or "match all of the following".

Use case:

You see a spike in the network traffic (say 15 days old) and you want to see the applications and the users responsible for that. For this you need a solution that offers a data granularity of the network traffic up to 1 minute, for the 15 days(or more, depending on your requirement) old data. You can do that (see the applications, source, destination, conversations and more) easily with NetFlow Analyzer. Go to that particular graph and select the part(click and drag the mouse on the required region) of the graph where the spike exists. This selected part zooms in and you can view the data points at various times for the selected time period.

(click to enlarge)

Selectable graph- NetFlow Analyzer

Click on "reports" on top right and in the dropdown click on "troubleshoot". A new window opens, in which you have to click on "generate report".

(Click to enlarge)

Troubleshoot reports - NetFlow Analyzer

Voila! You get a report where you can view Traffic, application, source, destination, conversation and more (see the below image) for a particular time period that you selected on the graph. That is how simple it is to gain in-depth visiblity of the past network traffic and bandwidth utilization. You can export the report as a PDF, CSV or even send it as an email.

As simple as that! Really!

Another scenario on how to troubleshoot faster.

Other reports: Search reports

Download | Interactive Demo | Product overview video

NetFlow Analyzer is a NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (and more) collector and analyzing engine integrated together. NetFlow analyzer does not require any hardware probes and can be downloaded, used in your network environment and can be evaluated for 30 days. Go through the following useful links for better understanding of how NetFlow Analyzer can help you in understanding your network traffic and bandwidth utilization.