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Version Management using RecoveryManager Plus

Active Directory objects may undergo numerous changes such as creation, modification, deletion and so on. Some of these changes may be for a purpose, done by the administrator, while some might be a result of an accident. To restore an Active Directory object to its previous version, it makes sense to back up all the changes it had undergone and store them as versions. That way recovering an AD object becomes a matter of choosing the preferred version and restoring it quickly.

RecoveryManager Plus doubles up as an Active Directory version control tool that helps you backup all objects and store them as different versions for every change made. RecoveryManager Plus cyclically sweeps your Active Directory and backs up the current state of all the objects in it. When it detects changes to the objects in a backup cycle, it captures the change information (the "before" and "after" values of object attributes) and stores them as a version file. This enables you to rollback all changes or changes corresponding to a specific version with great ease.

Some of the highlights of RecoveryManager Plus that make Version Management possible are as follows.

  • Version-level backup: Store each backup as different versions of changes made to the object and recover all changes or changes corresponding to a specific version.
  • Compare versions: RecoveryManager Plus helps you compare different versions of an object and its attributes stored in backup and select the desired version.
  • Granular restore: The granular, version-level backup offers unmatched flexibility. View, compare and select different versions of different attributes and perform restoration of the version entirely or partially by selecting preferred attributes.
  • Version tracking: List and view the number of versions of backup of each object, the number of changes made in each version and the date and time of changes. Also compare backup values and current values for each attribute while tracking each version in the Active Directory version history.
  • Comprehensive viewing: View all available versions of backup and changes made, starting from the latest, for the time period you have selected. Quickly identify the object-type through visual icons.

In contrast to the native Active Directory tools, RecoveryManager Plus offers high flexibility and convenience in restoring data by maintaining different versions of backup for objects and its attributes. Now, an administrator can manage, compare an restore values from different versions of backups in just a few clicks.

Active Directory Recovery Management and Change Control
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