Features of RecoveryManager Plus

The key features of the product are summed up below:

RecoveryManager Plus backs up all attributes of a user during the backup process. This enables the tool to restore group membership of the user, last set password of the user and much more at the time of restoration.

It uses incremental backups so that each time a change is made, only the modified attribute is backed up, thereby saving storage space.

RecoveryManager Plus backs up all changes made to groups like addition/deletion of group members, change in rights and permissions of security groups and so on. During restoration of groups, linked objects are also restored if they have been accidentally deleted.

RecoveryManager Plus backs up all computer objects in your domain. When a computer account is restored, the last set password of the computer account is also restored thereby re-joining the computer to the domain instantaneously after restoration.

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to backup DNS zones and DNS nodes in the domain. Using this feature, you can easily track your domain's DNS configuration changes and back it up for easy restoration in case of any disaster.


RecoveryManager Plus allows you to restore individual attributes of objects that have been modified. This offers greater level of control to administrators and makes change management simpler.

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to roll back the entire AD, particular OUs or even individual objects to a previous point in time. Rolling back will undo all changes made to that object or OU after that point in time.

RecoveryManager Plus maintains different versions of backup for each object. It empowers you to restore or rollback to the version that you desire. It allows you a preview of what changes would occur with each version making the process simpler.

With RecoveryManager Plus, you do not have to restart or shut down your DC to perform a recovery operation. As you don't have to restart the servers, you can ensure continuous and high availability of DCs for all the users who are already logged on, and also for the ones who might be attempting to log on.

A single pane of glass for complete Active Directory Backup and Recovery Management