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Active Directory change monitoring

Proactively track and record any changes made to your Active Directory (AD), including those made to your users, computers, groups, OUs, GPOs, schema, sites, configuration, FSMO roles, and more.

Track changes made in Active Directory instantly with ADAudit Plus

Detect user account changes.

Monitor and report on critical user account modifications, such as creation of multiple users with password set never to expire or user rename events, along with their old and new values. 

Audit GPO setting changes.

Monitor critical modifications to your Group Policy Object (GPO) settings, such as password policy, account lockout policy, user rights assignment settings, administrative templates, and more in real time.

Track password change and reset.

Evade major security breaches by closely monitoring password set and reset attempts for all your critical user accounts in real time.

Document AD object change history.

Gain instant visibility into changes made to your AD objects, such as computers, groups, organizational units (OUs), GPOs, DNS, account lockout instances with their sources, and so on in real-time.

Boost security and visibility with Active directory change reporter

Oversee critical permission changes.

Get notified of sudden permission changes to AD objects, including users, groups, OUs, computer, containers, and more, along with old and new permissions for effective analysis.

Ensure principle of least privilege.

Audit and track users added to high privileged security groups, and proactively reduce the risk of malicious actors gaining access to your vital resources.

Scrutinize AD configuration changes.

Detect and promptly respond to sudden, unintended changes to AD schema, flexible single master operation (FSMO) roles, or configuration changes that could signal the presence of a malicious insider.

Azure AD change intelligence.

Audit and get notified of all critical changes to your Active Dircteory environments, be it in on-premise or in cloud, along with who, what, when, and where details.

Monitor and alert on unwarranted changes to the following objects using AD change tracker:

  • Users
  • Computers 
  • Groups
  • OUs
  • GPOs
  • AD Schema
  • Container
  • Contact
  • DFS Name space
  • PSO Objects
  • FSMO roles 
  • Sites, and more

Gain deeper Active Directory change intelligence with ADAudit Plus

  • 1
    No more blind spots.

    Track every action made by your domain administrators, including domain level policy or permission changes, to establish clear accountability.

    Gain more insight.

    Obtain more perspective by taking into account privileged user actions across AD objects, such as computer, group, OU, user, and more.

    Choose your focus.

    Create and schedule custom reports to selectively monitor important user accounts, OUs, GPO settings, and more.

    active directory change monitoring

    Analyze user activity type -Monitor and report on all file and folder activities including rename, copy-and-paste, move, owner change, SACL change, and more. 
    Analyze the root cause - Identify the source, process name, access time, and more for all file actions, and perform forensic analysis as needed.

  • 1
    Undeleted but not unreported.

    Audit and record when accidentally deleted AD objects, including user, groups, computers, OUs, and more are restored to their old state.

    Audit ready reporting.

    Schedule periodic reports on critical user actions to generate clear, concise audit records as legal evidence for external mandates such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR.

    active directory change tracking

    Analyze recently locked out accounts. - Find recently locked out user accounts and their relevant details including when, from where, and by whom with ADAudit Plus' AD lockout tool.

  • 1
    Early signs of compromise.

    Detect sudden anomalous spikes in user management actions, including creation, deletion, and modification, using machine learning (ML) to uncover the presence of malicious insiders.

    Automate threat response.

    Use automated threat response mechanisims to execute scripts tailored to your organizations' needs, i.e., unlock user accounts, disconnect users from the network, and more.

    monitor active directory changes with security alerts

    1. Get the big picture - Use the all-in-one dashboard for a quick overview of recent file and folder changes, top users with failed access attempts, and more.
    2. Monitor file activity patterns - Compare and contrast file activities across different time periods to analyze organization-wide usage changes, if any.

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