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Active directory auditing and reporting with ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus has a plethora of real-time audit reports to help an administrator identify change events that are logged in security logs of Domain Controllers. Active Directory changes related to User Logon events, Domain Policy changes, and User, Group and Computer objects management are audited and reported. The reports are off-the-shelf and out-of-the-box to help easy understanding of event viewer data. The native event log is difficult to comprehend by a naive user considering the data volumes and expertise required to decipher change actions logged in the Domain Controller, which ADAudit Plus change reporting software makes possible with ease.

Meaningful, interpretable and filtered audit information like

  • When an Active Directory Change was done.
  • From Where was the change effected.
  • What were the Changes made and
  • Who was responsible for the change.

The reports are comprehensive covering various details of change information on categories such as logon, account management (user management, computer management and group management), GPO management, OU management and domain policy changes.

Real-Time Change Activity Reports are grouped under the following categories.

Sample Report on Logon Failure

Sample Report on
Logon Failure

  • User Logon Reports.
  • Local Logon-Logoff Reports.
  • User Management Reports.
  • Group Management Reports.
  • Computer Management Reports.
  • GPO Management Reports.
  • OU Management Reports and
  • Domain Policy Changes Reports.
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Pre-configured reports for basic audit reporting and configurable advanced reporting (Report Profile Based Reports) are facilitated with ADAudit Plus. Pre-Configured reports are categorized and grouped based on the commonly used reports for various auditing needs in different environments. These reports address security, compliance and audit requirements like SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA etc., effectively.

Report Profile based reports which can be custom configured is an advanced feature. This is a highlight of ADAudit Plus which facilitates reporting to granular detail by using filters. Change audit events are reported by associating audit actions and one or more account objects with report profiles and facilitate granular reporting. The advantage of using a Report Profile based report makes the process of granular report generation on audit actions easier.

Dashboard View of ADAudit Plus

Dashboard View of
ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus also provides a graphical display, highlighting the summary of each report. Further dashboard views in real-time of most important change events, facilitate easier understanding. The dashboard view uses tools like trend lines, pie charts and bar graphs to review summarized report data.

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