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Every IT administrator would have to run through a handful of administrative tasks, which are repetitive. Many of those tasks needs to be performed every single day or at regular intervals. Endpoint Central provides you with pre-defined configurations, which help you to perform these tasks. When the tasks are not straight forward, or unique, then you will have to use custom scripts to execute them. Scripts can be in form of a batch file, a command file, or a windows script host  file. Endpoint Central supports deploying scripts to computers running Windows and Mac operating system. The following script formats supported by Endpoint Central: .vbs, .js, .php, ReXX, .bat, .cmd, .msi, . jse, .exe, .vbe, .wsf, .wsc, .wsh,  .reg, .sh, .scpt, .pl and .py

Endpoint Central has an extensive repository of scripts in form of templates that are commonly used across various enterprises. Here is the complete list of the available script templates.

You can view the list of script templates from the product console by navigating to Configurations -> Script Repository -> Templates. You can choose the template based on your requirement and click on it, to add the script to your local script repository. These templates are updated periodically.

To view or edit the scripts, Configurations -> Script Repository -> Repository view -> Script name.

To download the script, Configurations -> Script Repository -> Repository view -> Action column -> Download script. You can also write your own scripts and add it to the script repository. You can deploy these scripts in form of configurations to users/computers.