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Software Installation

Installing software can be quite tedious. In an organization there are different departments to consider. Not all the departmental software requirements are the same. Likewise with Endpoint Central you can install both MSI & EXE software packages to users and computers in your network. You also have an option to schedule the installation and monitor the status of the installation. Depending upon your circumstances you can also uninstall or re-install the applications installed by Endpoint Central. Endpoint Central enables remote software deployment and distribution to the users and computers of the Windows network. This web-based software deployment configuration helps administrators to install software from a central point. The software installation configuration helps you to install MSI and EXE packages remotely to specific users of several computers of the Windows network from a central location.

To install a software application in your network using Endpoint Central, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Software Deployment -> Install/Uninstall Software Configuration
  2. You can deploy to specific users or to a set of endpoints using the option User / Computer configuration.
  3. Add a name and description for the configuration.
  4. Once done, select the Package you wish to deploy. You can also add more packages if you wish to deploy multiple packages.
  5. Select the Operation Type as either Install or Uninstall as per your requirement.
  6. Under Configure Install/Uninstall options, specify how the software should be installed, that is, choose whether the software has to be installed as a System User or Run As User (specific user) or Target User.
  7. Deployment policies can be customized to meet your convenience. For configuring a deployment policy, click here.
  8. Once the deployment policy is configured, you can proceed to select your target audience. You can add your target users or computers from Active Directory based domain, Custom Group in case of various departments, Remote office users or Roaming users.
  9. Upon defining the target, you can proceed to Execution Settings. To configure your Execution Settings click here.
  10. You can enable notification after configuring execution settings if you want to track the status of your deployment.
  11. You can also schedule the deployment at your convenience by configuring Scheduler Settings. You can set a time after which the deployment will happen and you can set an expiry time after which the configuration will not happen.
  12. Once all the settings are done you can proceed with the deployment by clicking on Deploy / Deploy immediately. You can also save this as a template for recurrent deployments.

Unique Features of Endpoint Central's Software deployment module:

  1. Supports installing both MSI and EXE based applications
    • Supports Install, Uninstall, Assign and Redeploy options for MSI based applications
    • Supports Install and Uninstall options for EXE based applications
  2. Ability to schedule software installations
    • Install Software at a specified time
    • Install Software either during or after startup of the computer
  3. Option to install the application as a specific-user using the Run As option.
  4. Supports execution of pre-deployment/post-deployment scripts/commands prior to installation/uninstallation and abort if not successful.
  5. Option to copy the installables to the client computers before installing the software.
  6. Ability to create package repository. The packages created once can be reused any number of times to install or uninstall the software.