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Send out unlimited announcements or alert notifications to all the end users and computers in and out of your corporate network with Endpoint Central. In one shot the message will be delivered to all the users you pick. In a critical situation, organizations cannot rely on E-mail to convey the message. At times like these, in a matter of minutes, the information will be displayed on all users or computers' screens instantly with the help of Announcements. 

Supported OS: Windows

Schedule an announcement

Hint: Send an announcement to notify users about VPN maintenance or regarding a critical patch update. 

  1. Navigate to Tools -> Announcement -> Create Announcement.
  2. You can choose if the announcement must be displayed to specific users or computers.  
  3. Customize a relevant message title and information to be conveyed with extensive edit options like inlcuding tables, links, highlights, pointers, and more.
  4. Specify when the announcement must start executing and expire. 
  5. You can choose to display your message only once or multiple times between the specified time interval.
  6. Now configure the target users or computers available in a specific Remote Office, Domain, or Custom Group to whom the message must be displayed. 


Note: Announcement will be executed based on Central Server time.

Modify an Announcement

Under Action tab click on three dots to perform the below operations on already scheduled task:

  1. Modify: Alter or edit an already existing announcement.
  2. Suspend: Announcement will not be displayed henceforth.
  3. Resume: Resume a suspended announcement.
  4. Delete: A deleted announcement cannot be reverted and will not be executed.  

Modify Announcement

Announcement reports

Announcement can be deployed to bulk number of users or computers simultaneously. It is essential to get a complete summary of announcement execution and its status to track if it was displayed or not.

  1. Click on the announcement title to view the full report.
  2. You can view a classified summary of execution as yet to schedule, scheduled, failed, show, or expired.
  3. List of all users or computers to which the announcement was targeted will be available.
  4. You can filter and view the devices in which execution failed using the filter option.

Announcement Summary

Announcement seen from end-user's endpoint:


Frequently asked questions

1. What will happen if an announcement is scheduled to be displayed on a computer only once within a specific time period but the computer is inactive?

In that case, status of the announcement will be displayed as "expired", which means, the announcement has not been displayed but the time limit has ended.

2. What will happen if I deploy an announcement to users all at once?

When you deploy an announcement to multiple users in bulk, your message will get displayed to first 200 users instantly and the rest will happen during 90-minute refresh policy.

3. How can I create a new announcement by editing the existing one?

You can follow the steps mentioned below to create a new announcement by editing the existing one:

  1. From Tools tab, click on Announcement -> User/ Computers.
  2. Select the Announcement that needs to be cloned.
  3. Under Actions click on Save As New.
  4. Make necessary changes and Click Save to create a new announcement.

4. What will happen when I suspend an announcement which is scheduled to be displayed only once?

If an announcement is suspended, then the announcement will not be displayed on the client's computers henceforth. You can resume the announcement in future to continue displaying the announcement. However, the announcement will be displayed only if the announcement's end date has not been reached and it will be displayed to computers to which this was not displayed.

5. What will happen when an announcement is targeted to a user who is logged on to multiple computers?

Announcement will be displayed on all the computers wherever the targeted user is logged on.

6. Can I send announcement to any number of computers or users?

Announcements can be displayed on any number of managed computers or users multiple times based on the requirement.