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Patch Management Life Cycle

Endpoint Central Patch Management module consists to the following five stages:

  1. Update Vulnerability Details from Vendors
  2. Scan the Network
  3. Identify Patches for Vulnerabilities
  4. Download and Deploy Patches
  5. Generate Status Reports

Patch Management Life Cycle


Fig: Patch Management Life Cycle 

Update Vulnerability Details from Vendors

  • Be up-to-date with the latest patch related information from the various sources.
  • Download patches and run extensive tests to validate the authenticity and accuracy of patches

 Scan the Network

  • Discover and identify the systems in the network based on the defined Scope of Management.

Identify Patches for Vulnerabilities

  • Assess the vulnerabilities in the systems periodically.
  • Analyze what patches are missing and what are installed.

Download and Deploy Patches

  • Download the required patches from the vendor site.
  • Deploy patches in the missing systems.
  • Verify and validate the accuracy of patch installation

Generate Status Reports

  • Generate reports of various patch management tasks.
  • Monitor the patching progress in the enterprise.