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July 09, 2024

Streamline your cloud management with the Resource Inventory report

The Resource Inventory report generates an up-to-date inventory containing all cloud resources from all accounts and across all providers to enable you to identify unused and costly resources. Receive a comprehensive view of your cloud resources to achieve greater control over your cloud spending.

July 09, 2024
General Enhancement

Enhanced User Management dashboard

Gain a comprehensive view of all your users and user groups in one place with the enhanced User Management dashboard. Easily add new users or user groups to your organization for better management and collaboration.

April 16, 2024

Obtain critical insights about your cloud spending with Summary Report

The Summary Report provides a comprehensive overview of all active cost accounts in CloudSpend and helps you understand your multi-cloud spending. You can set a custom date range, view cloud discounts, and schedule reports for your cost accounts. The Summary Report supports PDF and CSV formats.

April 09, 2024

Track and manage GCP billing for your optimum cost-effective cloud solution

Get detailed visibility into your GCP usage patterns, resource utilization, and cost drivers with CloudSpend-GCP integration. Save your GCP cloud bills and gain effective chargebacks in a multi-cloud setup by grouping and understanding cloud costs.

April 08, 2024

Gain deeper insights into your cloud spending with the Zia Anomaly Report

Receive comprehensive reports that provide actionable insights into detected cloud cost anomalies with the Zia Anomaly Report. It also enables you to identify unusual spikes in your cloud costs and take proactive decisions to avoid cost overruns.


June 21, 2023

Gain valuable insights into your cloud spending, usage, and costs

Obtain automatically created, out-of-the-box reports for your organization after parsing your cloud bills with the Reports feature. The automatically created reports based on tags such as Region, Service, and Linked Account provide you with the previous month's spending, the current month-to-date accrued cost, and the forecasted cost for every active, integrated cost account.

May 18, 2023

Stay updated with the total number of resources integrated in your CloudSpend account

Keep track and obtain a real-time count of your resources, using the new Number of Resources widget in the CloudSpend Accounts dashboard. It provides the total number of resources in all your cost accounts for the previous and the current month.

May 18, 2023

View and obtain valuable insights about your top spending entities

Identify and manage the linked account, region, and service incurring the highest cost in the current month with the Top Spending widget. You can also get the cost data for the past six months with the graph widget. The Top Spending widget and graphical data are available in CloudSpend Accounts and Business Units dashboard.

March 27, 2023

Monitor your cloud services on the go with CloudSpend mobile app

Obtain deep insights about your cloud services and track cloud bills at your finger tips with the new CloudSpend mobile application. Use the CloudSpend mobile app to keep track of your cloud infrastructure on the go and get instant alerts via push notifications on your phone.The CloudSpend mobile application is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

March 21, 2023

View scheduled reports in your preferred format

CloudSpend now supports CSV format for schedule reports.Use reports to analyze the cost per user, team, project, and resource type based on consumption, and view them in either PDF or CSV formats.

March 02, 2023

Manage your notifications and stay on top of important alerts

Stay alerted and manage multiple notifications at once with the new Notifications feature. You can identify read and unread notifications, mark them all as read, and even change the status of read messages to unread.


December 05, 2022

Predict your cloud bills and rightsize your resources

Estimate your cloud bills for your AWS and Azure accounts based on historical data collected from the past 90 days, and view them in the Accounts and the Business Unit dashboards, the Budget Details page, and the Resource Explorer view. Observe the forecast graph and plan your resource utilization to avoid cost overruns with the forecasting feature.

June 16, 2022

Analyze your spend trends and rightsize your resources in a multi-cloud environment with CloudSpend Azure

Save your Azure cloud bills and gain effective chargebacks in a multi-cloud setup by grouping and understanding cloud costs. Control your cloud usage and get the most out of it with CloudSpend Azure.

March 01, 2022

Tightly integrate your CloudSpend account with Site24x7

Integrate your CloudSpend account with Site24x7 to:

  • Use the various IT Automation options like Start/Stop EC2 Instance.
  • Receive updates through third-party services like Slack, Microsoft Teams, ServiceNow etc.
  • Efficiently manage CloudSpend notifications using Site24x7 Alarms.
February 08, 2022

Customize reports and enable Site24x7 integration

Use the new Account Settings option in the CloudSpend Admin tab to customize your reports as per your preference. You can also integrate your CloudSpend account with Site24x7 to automate actions, use the supported third-party integrations, and manage budget notifications in Site24x7 Alarms.


November 30, 2021

View your budget details in CloudSpend

Obtain a bird's eye view of all the information related to your budgets.

  • Get a glimpse of all the historical data.
  • Schedule reports for the Budget Dashboard, Budget Details page, Recent Alerts, and for History section.
  • View all recent alerts and plan your budgets accordingly.
  • You can also configure budgets for two new budget periods-Daily and Forecast(Month).
November 05, 2021

Gain insights on the pattern of your cloud expenses using historical data

Get monthly, quarterly, or yearly historical data related to your budget based on the configured period type using the History section. Use the amount spent during that period (Usage Value), budgeted value, forecasted value, deviation from the budgeted amount, the pattern of spending, budget breaches, and the fluctuations from the budgeted amount to plan.


Manage monthly budgets in an organized manner by configuring forecast-supported budget period

Use Forecast (Month) to set the budgets based on the values obtained from the forecast predictions. This can help to ensure that the budget isn't exceeding or dropping below the forecasted amount for the month.

August 2021

Forecasting for CloudSpend

  • Obtain an idea about upcoming monthly expenditures using the Forecast feature.
  • Get month-end costs predicted based on the expenses accrued till date and scale your usage accordingly.
  • Use chargebacks to view the forecasted split-up expenditures for individual Business Units (BU) and take measures to not exceed the budget.
July 2021

Key-based authentication method deprecated for CloudSpend

March 2021


  • Resource Explorer: View and search for AWS resource costs aggregated and paginated across various categories of a resource like Account, Service, or Region.
  • Connect your Site24x7 AWS account, and MSP account directly with CloudSpend to obtain monitoring and cloud cost management from a single platform.
January 2021


  • Analyze cloud costs accrued for your linked accounts in AWS.
  • Obtain the cloud cost available for a month based on the savings plan monthly estimate in the spend analysis section when the running month's first date to the current date is selected.
  • View a stacked area chart in the trend analysis section to obtain insights about the daily spending if the period is less than a month, with options to zoom in and zoom out.
  • View a stacked area chart in the resource explorer section to view the daily spending pattern based on the account, region, or service if the period is less than a month.
  • Obtain a responsive table in the resource explorer section to view the cost split up based on the account, region, or service when the period selected is more than ten days or ten months.

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