Operation History

This section lists all the restore operations that you have carried out using RecoveryManager Plus.

  • Navigate to Google Workspace tab → Operation History.
  • Select the Google account for which you wish to view the restore history from the Account drop-down box.
  • Once you’ve selected an account, you’ll be provided with the following information for each restoration carried out.
    • Restore Job Name – The name provided.
    • Backup Point – The backup which was used to perform the restoration.
    • Restore Initiated On – The time when the restoration was initiated.
    • Restore Duration – The time taken to complete the restoration process.
    • Initiated By – The admin or technician that initiated the restore operation.
    • Status – The status (success or failure) of the restoration. Click the View Details link to view the list of all steps that the product performed and the status of each step. Finding out the step at which the restoration failed, if it has failed, will assist in troubleshooting any issue that the product might encounter.
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