General troubleshooting

  1. Failed to install update: Local Elasticsearch service is running
  2. This error occurs when the Elasticsearch service is still running in the background when the product is being upgraded using a service pack.

    To fix this issue, perform the following steps in the system where RecoveryManager Plus is installed.

    • Stop RecoveryMangerPlus service.
    • To check if Elasticsearch is still running, open command prompt as an administrator and enter the following command.

      netstat -a -n -o | find ":9390"

    • Note the PID from the result of the above command.
    • General troubleshooting

    • To kill the Elasticsearch process, execute the below command in an elevated command prompt.

      taskkill /f /pid <PID>

      where <PID> is the value from the previous step.

      General troubleshooting

    • The process with the specified PID will be terminated.
    • Try upgrading the product using a service pack. If the issue still persists, please contact
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