Failed to Retrieve Data using SNMP - Specified OID Not Implemented


When you try to retrieve the details of a device like the CPU Usage, Disk Space, etc., you get an error as "Specified OID Not Implemented"


CPU Usage, Disk Space details, Process and Software details from the device are retrieved using SNMP from the HOST RESOURCES MIB implemented in the device. The system running Windows Operating Systems have this MIB implemented. Most computers running Linux Operating Systems or other devices like Routers, Switches etc., may not have this MIB implemented. When OpUtils is not able to get the results from these devices, this error message is shown. However, these devices have SNMP enabled and do respond to SNMP for the given community string.


In some Linux Operating Systems, only RFC 1213 MIB is enabled by default. HOST RESOURCES MIB have to be specifically enabled. Enable HOST RESOURCES MIB to get the details.

For devices/systems that do not support HOST RESOURCES MIB, you will not be able to get the information like Disk Space, CPU Usage, etc., using OpUtils.

Applies to: System Explorer, CPU Monitor, Disk Space Monitor, Process Scan, Software Scan

Keywords: SNMP, OID, MIB, Host Resources MIB, OID not implemented

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