Network tools

Network tools have become a network admin's go-to solution for efficiently troubleshooting network issues. With networks continually evolving, generic network tools and utilities are no longer sufficient for carrying out network diagnosis and debugging. Network admins have started shifting towards ad hoc network tools and utilities to manage complex network infrastructures. That's why OpUtils provides 30+ effective free network tools which includes advanced network tools for day-to-day network administration.


OpUtils' free network tools and utilities come in handy when conducting network monitoring and reconnaissance. These reliable network tools ensure effective network monitoring, diagnosis, and management, each network tool aiding a specific network operation. OpUtils’ network tool set includes free network tools and utilities like  Ping, Trace Route, and MIB Browser for day-to-day network troubleshooting. You can monitor your network devices using System Explorer, MAC IP List, and TCP Reset included in OpUtils' free network tools and utilities.


What is Network Tools?

Network tools and utilities enable you to manage your networks with greater efficiency and less network troubleshooting overhead. These tools aid in efficiently detecting network issues, diagnosing their cause and locality, and mitigating and resolving them. This helps ensure the stability of your network environment to keep users from the hassles that come with device connectivity issues.

Since each offering in OpUtils’ suite of network tools is designed to satisfy a specific network requirement, you can inspect heterogeneous network entities with ease. These network tools for Windows and Linux, like SNMP Ping and DNS Resolver, aid in validating network sources, addresses, devices, and more.

OpUtils provides powerful, best-in-class network tools and utilities for free. This diverse toolset includes free network utility tools under the following categories:

  • Network Discovery tools
  • Network Diagnostic tools
  • Address Management tools
  • SNMP tools
  • System Utilities

Network Tools & Utilities

Free network tools aid in various network operations and inspections that has to be carried out to identify the cause of a specific network issue. OpUtils also acts as a network discovery software that enables network admins to discover and track all their network resources within seconds. Options like scheduled rediscovery ensures network admins have continuous monitor with real-time network status. OpUtils' free network tools include tools such as,

Network Discovery tools: Get a more comprehensive view of your network with free network discovery tools, such as Ping and SNMP Ping. These help in discovering IP nodes and SNMP nodes. The network discovery tools efficiently discovers your network resources without any additional requirements by integrating with your existing network environment.

Network Diagnostic tools:Diagnose and troubleshoot network issues. Resolve network problems—such as issues with network connectivity, health, latency, and so on—with a network tool like Trace Route.

Address Management tools: Resolve, manage, and inspect your IP addresses, MAC addresses, and DNS names with address management tools like DNS Resolver and MAC Address Resolver.

SNMP Tools: Efficiently monitor your SNMP-enabled devices with tools such as MIB Module Viewer, MIB Node Viewer, and Community Checker.

System Utilities: Get detailed insight and monitor your system information, CPU, and more with other system utilities by OpUtils.

How do I use OpUtils’ network tools?

Start using OpUtils' free network tools by downloading and setting up the network tool in your IT environment. Free network tools like free network discover tool are code-free and can be easily used without any hassle.

  1. Download and install OpUtils network management solution.
  2. Add your IP address space, subnets, DNS, DHCP, and Active Directories.
  3. Under the Toolset tab in the network tool console, select the required network tool.
  4. Start managing, and troubleshooting your network using free network tools with ease!

Download OpUtils free network tools now, and start using advanced network discovery, diagnostic, address management and SNMP tools.

If you are looking for a full-fledged IP Address Management and Switch Port Mapping tool including free network tools and utilities, you can download a free trial version, or schedule a free live demo with a product expert if you want to know how OpUtils could help you monitor and manage your network IP addresses and switch ports effectively.