DHCP Monitoring

Monitor and Manage Windows DHCP Server Scopes

When managing your IP Address space, it is often required to relate your available and used IP Addresses to your DHCP Servers. IP Addresses in most organizations today are served via DHCP Servers as it is much easier to allocate different scopes for different needs. OpUtils lets you combine managing your IP Addresses and DHCP Servers so that you get a clear view of your IP space at one place.

  • DHCP Monitor -ManageEngine OpUtils
  • DHCP Scope Monitor - ManageEngine OpUtils
  • DHCP server monitoring - ManageEngine OpUtils

Supported servers for DHCP monitoring

  • Microsoft DHCP Server 2003
  • Microsoft DHCP Server 2008
  • Microsoft DHCP Server 2012
  • Palo Alto DHCP Server
  • Linux DHCP Server

DHCP Monitor feature highlights

OpUtils' DHCP monitoring enables network admins to have a clear overview of network DHCP servers. Providing visibility into DHCP specific metrics, OpUtils' DHCP monitoring tool integrates IP, switch port, and DHCP management, into one console.

DHCP server monitoring functionality displays comprehensive insights into server details, performance, and utilization of the DHCP IP pool.

The DHCP scope monitor offers Scope Details, which gives visibility into Scope Name, Scope Address, Total IPs, Leased IPs, Scope Address Range, Scope State, and Scope Comments.

By providing DHCP scope and server management, OpUtils' DHCP monitor offers visibility into the MAC to which the IP is assigned, IP's availability status, associated DNS, and reservation of the IPs in the DHCP IP pool, under IP summary.

OpUtils' DHCP Management also offers,

  • Active Directory Integration

    • Link your DHCP Servers and AD domains
    • Domain-wise Leased and Available IP Addresses
  • Flexible Scanning

    • Manual scanning of DHCP Servers
    • Scheduled Scanning of DHCP Servers
  • Alert Notifications

    • Email Alert when Leased IPs in a scope reaches a critical level
    • Automatically log alert notifications to Syslog server

Getting started with OpUtils' DHCP Monitor

OpUtils is an complete IP address and switch port monitoring solution that offers advanced IP scanner, port scannerWake on LAN tool, and 30+ network IP tools, along with DHCP scope monitoring. It aids in instant troubleshooting and efficient management of network issues.

OpUtils can seamlessly integrate with your existing network infrastructure within minutes.

Interested in knowing how OpUtils can work for your network? Download a 30-day free trial, schedule a live demo with a product expert or get hands-on at demo.oputils.com. Have a price quote in mind? Let us know.