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In today's networks, MAC addresses more than just uniquely identify network devices and enable network communications. They are essential for helping network protocols to properly function, and for core network devices to dynamically allocate and manage IPs. MAC address scanning enables you to gain in-depth insights into the network architecture and the associated network devices in your organization.

Tracking your network devices with an effective MAC address scanner assists you with network maintenance and effectively monitoring the devices connecting to your network. A MAC IP scanner also enables you to enhance network security by identifying malicious devices using their MAC addresses, and blocking their access to your network.

Simplifying IP address space management with OpUtils' MAC address scanning

ManageEngine OpUtils' comprehensive IP Address Manager module offers effective MAC address scanning capabilities. By scanning an individual IP or a range of IP addresses, the MAC IP scanner gives you the real-time status of the associated MACs and their network attributes. By identifying, tracking, and managing any MAC within your network, OpUtils' MAC address scanner enables you to:

Streamline MAC IP scanning to gain a clear view into the IP address hierarchy

When it comes to organizational networks, IP addresses span multiple subnets and DHCP servers to support hundreds of connecting devices. This complex nature of the network address space can make MAC IP scanning, and IP address management a challenging task.

OpUtils' MAC address scanner simplifies this task by enabling you to create a tree view of your network's address space hierarchy. You can create groups of your network's supernets, subnets, and DHCP servers. You can also quickly inspect different aspects, such as the associated IP address of an MAC within these groups, by using this MAC address scanner tool's Search option. This gives you a holistic view into your network's MAC and IP groupings, and aids you in managing how different MACs are scanned according to their network group requirements.

MAC Address Scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

Inspect MAC addresses' comprehensive network data

OpUtils' MAC address scanning capabilities help you inspect various networking attributes of the connected devices. This network MAC address scanner scans and displays details such as the MAC's associated IP, address resolution status, DNS Status, Device Type, Connected Switch, and Connected Port. You can also create Custom Columns in the MAC address scanner software console to track specific metrics in your network. The scan results displayed by in this console can also be exported as a PDF of CSV files for future reference.

Scan MAC Address - ManageEngine OpUtils

Automatically trigger MAC IP scans and detect potential network issues

Your network's MAC IP addresses have to be periodically scanned to update their real-time statues and detect any potential network issues. However, manually triggering scans every time the data has to be refreshed is time-consuming and monotonous.

OpUtils MAC Address scan tool automates this process with its Scheduler capability that enables you to create periodic scan routines customized for different groups of network resources. Once a scan schedule is created, OpUtils automatically initiates MAC IP scans that scan MAC addresses on network without manual intervention. These scans inspect all the specified network devices, update their status, and instantaneously alert you in case of an emerging network issue.

Predefined alert scenarios enable you to identify the nature of issues quickly, and resolve them with ease.

MAC Address Scanning Tool - ManageEngine OpUtils

Achieve more control over MAC addresses with Address Monitoring tools

Managing IP and MAC addresses is simpler with OpUtils' network tool set. Address Monitoring tools, along with the other resources, enable you to easily gain useful insights in to your devices by scanning their MAC addresses. For instance, OpUtils' MAC IP List tool provides a complete and updated list of the MAC-IP association in your network from periodic scans of the managed router, DHCP Servers, and subnets. This helps you instantly search and check a particular MAC address and its associated data without scanning your network.

Scan MAC Addresses on Network - ManageEngine OpUtils

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