IP address tracker software for enterprises

For any network admin, manually scanning and maintaining IP addresses can be a challenging task. With the ever growing IP address space and the enterprise opting for dynamic IP allocation, having an IP Address Tracker (IPAT) is more essential than ever.

What is an IP address tracker?

An IP address tracker software automates IP address scanning and management, which means no more managing IP availability on a spreadsheet. This saves both time and effort in IP address space monitoring, fostering efficient network management.

The need for an advanced IP address tracker

Network admins often dismiss the need for an advanced IP address Scanner and instead use native commands for IP address scanning. Native commands do allow a network admin to scan for IP addresses and find their associated MAC address in a network; however, this technique works best for a small-scale network such as your home network. For large-scale networks, having to manually track IP addresses is a complex task.

The challenges faced when not using an IP Address Tracker:

  • Scalability: Not equipped for effective large-scale IP address tracking.
  • Cross subnet scanning: Native commands do not enable cross subnet scanning.
  • MAC address details: Detailed insight into the MAC address associated with an IP address is not available. This may allow unauthorized access to the network.
  • Tracking IPv6: With the advent of IPv6 addressing, the length of IP addresses has increased significantly. This makes it tedious to manually type the IP addresses for scanning using native commands.
  • Dynamic IP address: Does not work well for dynamically-allocated IP addresses as the associated MAC may change at any point in time.

How does OpUtils IP address tracking help?

Using an effective software tool for IP address tracking goes a long way in managing an extensive IP address space for enterprise-level networks. ManageEngine OpUtils comes loaded with a powerful set of tools that aids in real-time discovery, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and maintenance of a network. OpUtils' IP Address Manager is the best of its kind for enterprises and eliminates the need to track IP addresses manually.

OpUtils, an effective IP address tracker!


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  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 scanning

    More and more networks are relying on IPv6. OpUtils' IP Address Manager supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Add the global prefix to the IPv6 address space to start discovering IPv6 addresses.

  • Real-time IP address space tracking

    OpUtils automates the process of tracking IP status. It displays the IP availability status such as the number of IPs that are Available, Transient, or Used to network admins.

  • Switch port connectivity

    OpUtils' IP Address Manager eliminates the need to physically track ports to switches with its Switch Port Mapper. This feature shows network admins the switches in the network and ports that are associated with it. Upon clicking on an IP address, network admin can view details about connected switch ports.

  • Subnet hierarchy

    The various subnets in the network can be managed by adding each one of them to OpUtils' IP Address Manager. This displays the available subnets in a tree-based hierarchy, allowing you to perform cross subnet scanning, collective analysis of IP address performance, and more.

    OpUtils can also:

    • Schedule periodic scanning of the IP address space.
    • Generate diverse reports to notify about various network state changes.
    • Provide historic data on IP use.
    • Help detect IP conflicts.

OpUtils is a fast, powerful, web-based IP address tracking tool that is easy to use. Download a 30-day free trial to explore all the network management capabilities OpUtils has to offer!