Advanced IP scanner

Network IP scanning has become a day to day activity for network admins. Scanning, monitoring, and managing IP address space for a network can be hectic. Network administrators and operators that manage large IP ranges need a cutting edge, easy-to-use tool for advanced IP scanning and monitoring. Manage Engine's OpUtils Advance IP Address Scanner is a best-in-class network scanning tool that can carry out this task.

What is an advance IP scanner?

An Advance network IP scanner is an essential tool in networking that enables users to scan IP addresses to obtain information about the devices in a network. An advanced IP address scanner tool provides enhanced IP scanning functionalities to the network administrator and users to help the admin gain greater visibility over the network IPs. Using an appropriate network IP scanner tool is critical in effectivey and efficiently monitoring and managing any network.

Advantages of using an Network IP Scanner Software:

  • Network IP Scanning helps you gain better visibility of network's IP address space
  • IP Scanning Tool automates the preocess of keeping track of IP Address availability and reservation status
  • Using advance IP scanner eliminate the tedious manual process of updating distributed spreadsheets. Manage your address space from an unified console

Why choose OpUtils for a network IP scanner?

OpUtils is IP address and switch port management software that acts as a powerful network IP scanner, enabling you to analyze your network in seconds. Comprised of vital functionalities for advance IP scanning and monitoring, OpUtils enables you to conduct a scan on all devices in your network. OpUtils provides network administrators with crucial features such as:

  • IP Availability
  • Detailed information on scanned IPs
  • Periodic scanning
  • Connected switch details and custom columns
  • Subnet discovery from routers and MS DHCP servers
Advanced IP Scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

IP availability

The availability of an IP address in a network plays a vital role in various network-based diagnoses and decisions. OpUtils' advanced IP network scanner provides the availability state of a given IP by scanning the network.

There are three states of IP availability:

Available: IP addresses that are freely available in the network that can be assigned to other requesting entities.

Transient: IP addresses typically associated with devices in the network that don't necessarily maintain continuous connection to the network.

Used: IP addresses in a network that are in use and cannot be assigned to any other MAC.

Click here to know more about IP availability and to configure email alerts to notify about change in state.

Detailed information on the scanned IPs

OpUtils' advanced network IP scanner comes with a network IP scanning software that provides detailed insights on scanned IP addresses. This includes information on the status of IP->DNS, DNS->IP, DNS Status, Reserved Status, Status, Device Type, Connected Switch Ports, and more. IP Scanner Software also enables the network administrator to view and download detailed reports containing pertinent information on IP address scanning and monitoring for efficient diagnosis and operation of the scanned IP address.

Periodic scanning

One of the crucial steps in scanning, monitoring, and managing IP addresses is periodically scanning the IP ranges or subnets in order to track the availability and status of various IP addresses. OpUtils' network IP scanner tool enables admins to conduct periodic scans on the subnets to ensure the consistency of IP status and availability being reflected to the admin. These scans can be scheduled to be performed in the following intervals: minutes, hours, daily, weekly, monthly, or only once.

Connected switch details and custom columns

The network admin can view the switches to which the scanned IPs are associated with under the "Connected Switch " column. The Custom Column feature of OpUtils' network IP scanner enables the user to add columns that can be used to store specific information on an IP. The IP scanner tool enables you to add any number of custom columns to add user-defined data. You can also import the data to these custom fields.

Subnet discovery form routers and MS DHCP servers

OpUtils' IP scanner enables admins to scan the network or a subnet range and discover all the devices in that range to obtain relevant data about the entities in the network. OpUtils supports both IP V4 and IPV6 addressing. Admins can use OpUtils to scan the subnets in the following ways:

Add IPV4 subnets manually: Specify the subnet/network address, subnet mask, name, description, VLAN, and location details.

Import from CSV file: Directly import using a CSV file for bulk importing.

Add DHCP server: The IP range to be scanned can be added via a DHCP server by mentioning the server name and the Active Directory domain.

Adding routers: Add routers to discover the subnets. Routers are added by clicking on Settings > OpUtils > Routers.

Once the network range has been added, OpUtils scans it and displays all the available IPs in that network by conducting a network scan on the given range. Click here to know more about adding subnets to the IP Scanner windows.

Try a free demo or download the free edition of OpUtils today to check out all the amazing features it has to offer!