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Disable AD Users

Mobile-based Disable AD Users

Mobile-based Disable AD Users

Disabling Active Directory user accounts is one of the periodic and routine Active Directory housekeeping activities. But sometimes, you might also have to disable user accounts ad hoc when you detect an account that has been compromised or appears to be compromised, to prevent security mishaps. Though no one can ever predict when such a threat could crop up, the unpredictability can never be an excuse for any delay in scuttling infected user accounts.

When it is the security and reputation of your organization that is at stake, disabling potentially harmful accounts calls for instant actions and for that, you will have to be connected to your AD server 24*7. Traditional methods like native AD tools, PowerShell scripts, etc. offer almost nothing to aid hassle-free continuous access to your AD.

ADManager Plus Active Directory mobile app for Android devices offer the most simple, easy and convenient solution to address such contingencies. With these apps, your mobile phone is all that you will need to disable all the menacing user accounts. These apps in fact bring a whole bunch of highly useful AD management features right into your mobile devices. Download ADManager Plus Android app to try out all its user management features.

ADManager Plus's web-based version also provides a rich feature list with bulk management capabilities and out-of-the-box reports that turn Active Directory, MS Exchange management and reporting into child's play. Download this tool's 30-day free trial to explore all the features including its Delegation, Workflow and AD Automation modules.

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You can also get the free download of ADManager Plus's web-based version for a 30-day trial to explore all its Active Directory, MS Exchange management and reporting features that turn AD, Exchange management and reporting into a simple, no-sweat activity!

ADManager Plus mobile apps also include:

Demo Server Configuration for the App

Server :
Port : 80
Username: adminuser
Password: 123@admP

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