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Azure App Service Monitoring

Azure App Service Monitoring

Azure App Service is an HTTP-based service from Microsoft Azure that allows you to build, deploy, and host web applications, mobile apps, and APIs on cloud. It allows you to deploy and manage applications instantly on Azure console and provides high scalability, load balancing, and security, eliminating the worry of managing the underlying backend infrastructure.

Applications Manager's Azure App Service monitoring makes it easy for you to monitor your Azure app service alongside other cloud services and provides in-depth visibility into the performance of your web applications along with comprehensive alerting and reporting capabilities, all in a single pane of glass. It enables you to keep a close watch on the KPIs of your web apps built on Azure, detects abnormalities faster, and drills down to the root cause of the issues, facilitating you to take corrective actions before the end users are impacted.

With Applications Manager's Azure App Service monitoring, you can:

Track the performance of your App Service

Obtain real-time visibility into the performance of your web apps hosted on Windows and Linux by monitoring key metrics such as response time, CPU time, usage and availability status of your web app hosted on the App Service. Keep constant checks on the current health status of your web app along with the server's uptime to help you detect unhealthy instances and take corrective actions in case of performance degradations. Measure the amount of file system storage and working memory utilized by your web app to aid you in planning proper resource allocation and to take decisions on scaling up/out your app service plan, if needed.

Monitor network and IO traffic

Evaluate the processing capacity of your web app by measuring the amount of incoming and outgoing network traffic handled by your web app. Keep constant checks on the rate of read and write operations assigned by the app process within your web app along with their corresponding bytes to detect in case of network load surge.

Track requests and detect errors instantly

Analyze the amount of requests that are handled by your web app server in real-time. Monitor the transaction status of your web app by tracking the responses obtained with respect to the HTTP status response codes. Examine different HTTP errors obtained for the transactions in your web app with detailed stats on the 4xx code client errors for accurate troubleshooting.

Analyze performance impact at the OS level

Obtain detailed insights on the impact of your web app on the OS hosted by Azure by keeping a close watch on the number of connections established, as well as the threads and handles initiated by the app process that are driving your web app behind the screen. Keep track on the number of times Garbage Collection has been performed on Generation 0, 1, 2 objects used in the web app code to estimate the performance and processing time of your web app. View detailed stats on the App Domains that are loaded/unloaded since the start of the application as well as the number of assemblies that are currently loaded across app domains in the application.

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Supported Azure monitoring services

Applications Manager also offers monitoring for the following Microsoft Azure services:

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