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Azure Premium Storage Monitoring

Microsoft Azure offers a premium storage service that ensures the high availability and performance of applications that demand intense workloads. Azure premium storage outshines its standard counterpart by delivering data at a faster rate and providing more storage space. These storage services would be the ideal choice for building applications that deal with a large amount of transactions as low latency and high throughput storage performance becomes essential.

However, such a work-intensive component warrants the need for a tracking tool that can aid in proactively resolving storage system issues. Applications Manager is one such tool that offers a wide range of features to monitor your Azure premium storage service.

Monitoring Azure Premium Storage services with Applications Manager:

To ensure that business SLAs for the service is met, Applications Manager offers a dedicated Azure premium storage monitoring feature with an intuitive dashboard for tracking the performance of KPIs. The Microsoft Azure storage solutions monitored by Applications Manager include blobs and files.

Performance Overview

Applications Manager's Azure premium storage monitor has an overview panel that gives a visual understanding of how each storage service is performing at a glance. A sudden drop in performance experienced by any of the Azure storage services would instantly be reflected on the overview dashboard and an alert notification would be sent to the responsible IT administrative teams. The admins can then isolate the problematic storage service with the help of Applications Manager's root cause analysis feature for troubleshooting.

Dashboard showing configuration, service availability, and performance of storage file with Azure storage monitoring
Graph chart with file storage capacity metrics and utilization performance meter of file storage
Graphs showing the throuput and latency of Azure premium storage file

The Azure premium storage monitor can also be used to gather the configuration details of the service that is being monitored including its primary status, location, provisioning state, and much more. Infrastructure components must be able to enjoy uninterrupted access to different Azure storage services. To ensure this, Applications Manager has separate overview panels for files and blobs where one can track the capacity, throughput, and latency parameters to help administrators understand the rate at which the storage services are being utilized.

Blob storage

When dealing with a service that handles an enormous amount of unstructured data, it is wise to keep a close watch on the performance output on a granular level. Azure blob storage is one such service that is often employed to access data through a URL. This warrants a need for an Azure blob monitor such as ManageEngine's Applications Manager to gain insights on the performance from both the server and client end.

Multiple meters that show the request statistics of Azure blog storage service

When the monitor detects a sudden shift in latency or throughput, it can be configured to perform a corrective action or raise an alarm to prevent performance degradation of the application that is availing the service. With the aid of Applications Manager, you can track the complete performance of your blob storage for transaction, authentication, and request statistics.

File storage

Applications Manager also tracks the Azure file share system which helps ensure that high workload applications get uninterrupted access to critical file data without delay. Our performance monitoring capabilities simplify the storage management process by constantly tracking file storage metrics so that data availability never gets compromised. The tool instantly detects request errors that result in reduced availability of the storage service and escalates the issue so that it doesn't affect critical business operations.

Screenshot showing the file storage dashboard of Azure premium storage monitor
Ways to track failed request in Azure file storage

Alarms & Reports on Azure Premium Storage

Applications Manager features a comprehensive alarms dashboard which displays an entire list of alarms that have been raised and cleared. For easier fault management, Applications Manager allows system administrators to assign technicians in the alarm console so that the issue gets escalated and resolved on time. Admins can also configure each alarm to perform an automated action such as sending an email, SMS, or Slack notifications, executing a program or Webhook, creating a new ticket in an ITSM solution, and more.

Applications Manager dashboard with alarm details for Azure Premium Storage Account
Forecast and utilization reports shown for Azure Storage Services

Start monitoring your Azure premium storage services in one place!

Applications Manager supports monitoring for a wide range of Azure cloud services within a single console. For a more hands-on experience, Applications Manager offers a 30-day free trial where you can easily setup your own monitor for Azure premium storage and other cloud services. Download 30-day free trial now!


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