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Real User Monitoring Tools

Real User Monitoring

Applications Manager's real user monitoring allows you to keep an eye on the user's journey through your web applications and websites. You can leverage a wide range of features to proactively examine how well your websites are performing from the user's perspective and make sure they have a smooth and trouble-free digital experience.

Advantages of employing a tool for real user monitoring:

Capture the satisfaction level of real users through metrics

Our Real User Monitoring (RUM) tool captures real-time performance data about how users interact with your web applications. It keeps track of important metrics to help you understand how well your websites perform for users in different parts of the world. With our RUM monitoring tool, you can:

  • Understand user satisfaction: We use Apdex scores to evaluate websites, which is a universal measurement of user satisfaction. It gives you insights into how smooth the digital experience was for your users, whether they were happy, tolerable or frustrated. We use Apdex scores to evaluate websites, which is a universal measurement of user satisfaction. It gives you insights into how smooth the digital experience was for your users, whether they were happy, tolerable or frustrated.
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Monitor overall response time: It's crucial to track how quickly your websites and web applications load and work for users worldwide. We measure overall response time, which includes different metrics like DNS time, connection time, page rendering time, and more. By tracking these metrics, you can identify issues with network bandwidth, server traffic, and even compare response times across different browsers and internet service providers used by your end-users.
  • Real User Monitoring Tools
    RUM Monitoring

Get country-wise information of real user experience

Users from different countries may perceive your websites or web applications in a differently due to numerous reasons. With Applications Manager's Real User Monitor, you can find out the quality of their experience and whether they are happy or frustrated when they visit your site.

RUM real user monitoring

You'll also get useful information like the average response time, Apdex score, PageViews, and throughput for each location. It is a great way to understand how your website is performing in each geographic location!

Isolate web transactions that contribute to poor user experiences

With Applications Manager's real-time user monitoring tool, you can easily track and keep an eye on the rate at which your website and web applications are responding. In addition, you get insight into the number of transactions performed by users which can help you understand the smoothness of their digital journey through your web application.

RUM tracker

When response times are slow and throughput decreases, it means that your webpages may not be optimized properly. This can lead to frustrated users who have a hard time navigating your site. By identifying and analyzing the slow tasks, you can improve the performance of your website, making sure users have a seamless and enjoyable digital experience.

Discover how Applications Manager's synthetic monitoring feature can assist you in monitoring synthetic transactions to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted experience for users of your web application.

Capture insights on domain resources

real user monitoring RUM
real time user monitoring

With Applications Manager's real user management, you can track how different elements on your website or web application affect its overall speed. These elements include images, scripts, and CSS files, among others. By using this feature, you can see how efficiently these resources load from various sources like the website itself, third-party domains, and content delivery networks (CDNs). You also have access to metrics like the average size of each resource and the number of requests made to each domain. This analysis helps you optimize your website's performance for users in different parts of the world.

Monitor real user sessions with advanced analytics

real user experience monitoring
real time user monitoring

With Applications Manager's RUM software, analyze the actions people take on your website to determine if their experience was positive. You can easily track and observe how users experience your website and web applications in real-time to learn how they perceive your web application. You can also have a quick glance of how each user experiences your website by checking on metrics like the average number of pages visited, average time spent on the site, and total number of users. You can then drill down into each performance metric to identify the areas that need improvement.

Identify javascript errors instantly

Having a flawless website or web application is crucial for providing a seamless user experience and ensuring customer satisfaction. To achieve this, you can use helpful tools like Applications Manager to detect and keep track of any errors that occur on your webpage. These tools provide valuable information such as the type of error, the specific page, file, and domain where it happened.

RUM tools
RUM metrics

By addressing these errors and optimizing the performance of your website or web application, you can enhance the overall user experience. With the 'Total Count vs Affected Users' graph, you can easily understand how these errors are impacting your users at a glance and find ways to tune the performance of your website or web application.

Get proactive alerts and smart reports

Monitoring the response time of your websites in different operational conditions to ensure your end-users enjoy a smooth digital experience. With Applications Manager's RUM monitoring, you can set limits for key performance metrics and receive immediate notifications if those limits are exceeded.

Applications Manager lets you take advantage of its interactive reporting feature where you can get access to visual trend reports. These reports can be used to analyze how well your websites are performing over a period of time, both from a front-end and back-end perspective.

Set up your own real user monitor in just a few minutes!

Want to make sure your websites provide the best user experiences? Try Applications Manager's real user monitoring tool! It's proactive and hassle-free. Start monitoring your website's performance with RUM today by downloading a free 30-day trial!

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