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Azure Functions Monitoring Tools

Azure Functions Monitoring

Azure Functions provide a flexible, scalable, and serverless platform for building and deploying applications. By leveraging an automatic supervision and analysis tool that offers Azure Functions monitoring capabilities like ManageEngine Applications Manager, developers can focus on writing code that meets business requirements without worrying about faulty functions or unavailability of resources.

Measure the performance of your Azure Functions with ease

Azure Functions supports a wide range of triggers, such as HTTP requests, timers, message queues, and data changes in Azure services like Cosmos DB and Blob Storage, which makes event-driven workflows much easier to configure. Applications Manager's Azure function monitoring tool gives you vast information on network requests transpiring in any particular function. Details on the requests along with its respective status codes reveal whether the requests are processed successfully or result in errors. They're depicted in a graphical format on the monitor dashboard for an easier and quicker discernment, with an emphasis on the 4xx errors owing to their frequency of occurrence.

Azure Functions Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager
The key metrics to monitor in Azure Functions depend on your specific application, but some of the most important ones include, function execution count, function execution units, response times, HTTP server errors, HTTP 404 errors, and dependency errors in addition to resource usage. Monitoring resource usage helps identify resources that are scarcely used and may need to be scaled down. You can identify dependencies that are not reliable and may need to be replaced by keeping an eye on dependency errors.

Azure Functions Performance Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Azure Functions Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Applications Manager's Azure Functions monitor also provides information about the application processes with insight into parameters such as connections, app queues, app domains, handles, I/O, etc.

Azure Functions Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager

If you need help setting up the Azure Functions monitor, you can refer to Applications Manager's user manual.

Find and fix issues quickly

With Applications Manager's powerful fault management system, generate notifications based on the alerting rules applied to key metric data, as well as escalate issues through email or SMS. Designate thresholds for various parameters, and configure alerts for threshold violations. You can also establish dynamic baselines to detect anomalies and identify performance degradation in time to prevent major business catastrophes.

Azure Functions Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Make educated decisions with intelligent reports

Applications Manager's Azure Functions monitoring tool provides extensive reports on all important performance attributes. With these reports, you can analyze the historical trends of various metrics to make informed decisions. Applications Manager offers impeccable insight into the performance over a period of time, and uses machine learning techniques to forecast growth and utilization trends of all your Azure services.

Start Azure functions monitoring in minutes!

Applications Manager provides a way to eliminate the visibility gaps left by native Azure monitoring tools and is easy to set up. New to Applications Manager? Try Applications Manager's capabilities first hand by downloading a free trial today. Alternatively, you can also schedule a demo with our experts for a customized experience.

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